The FID arrives in Miraflores de la Sierra: “It will be two magical days”

At the foot of the Morcuera port, La Cristalera is located, a building built in the 1960s that blends in with the landscape. A point of tourist, cultural and environmental interest that the next May 5 and 6 will host the FID Miraflores de la Sierra Experience. After the successes in León, which this year will celebrate its seventh edition, and Santander, which opened in 2022, the International Sports Forum lands in the Community of Madrid. “Thanks to AS and all the human team that make it up. From the first moment, he understood the DNA of the FID Forums. Now, we landed in Miraflores and we are very excited”, celebrated the director of the event, Francisco del Río, during the presentation of the same, held this Thursday at the facilities of Diario AS, official media. Before, the director of the newspaper, Vicente Jiménez, had received part of the organization of a “special” project.

“It is not the type of event that we are usually associated with, but we love it. It does not seek profitability, it is born from the illusion and good work of Fran. Here, we are well aware of how difficult it is to bring together so many elite athletes in one place and on the same date. He gets it edition after edition”, Jiménez dedicated to Del Río in the AS council room. As an example, the two days that will make up the FID Miraflores de la Sierra. On Friday, May 5, from 6:00 p.m., the forum “The Champions that changed everything” will be held, in which tribute will be paid, on its 25th anniversary, to the champions of the seventh European Cup of Real Madridwith the presence of José Emilio Amavisca, Pedja Mijatovic or Fernando Sanz. On Saturday, starting at 5:30 p.m., under the title of “Pioneers and References”, the meeting will be attended by Gemma Mengual, Ruth Beitia and Lourdes Mohedano.

Friday (May 5)Saturday (May 6)
Previous activitiesTraining with the protagonists of the seventh in the municipal field The Dehesilla (4:00 p.m.).March through the streets of Miraflores (11:30).
* Tickets in
“The Champions League that changed everything” (18:00)with José Emilio Amavisca, Pedja Mijatovic or Fernando Sanz.“Pioneers and References” (17:30)with Gemma Mengual, Ruth Beitia and Lourdes Mohedano.

“They will be two magical days that will place Miraflores de la Sierra on the national map,” Fran added about a municipality that, in 2020, received the Seven Stars of Sports Award, granted by the Community of Madrid, in the category of local administrations. Now, it will continue adding points in the section thanks to the best marketing that exists: word of mouth. José María Orozco Santos, from the Bárymont Group, one of the sponsors, invited the Miraflores sports councilor, Roberto Blasco Blázquez, to the FID held in Santander. He was delighted. “It is my town and we are going to do something spectacular. It makes me proud. After seeing the one in Santander, I just want it to look a bit like it, because then success is assured”Orozco celebrated. “Holy madness. It seemed unimaginable to bring the FID to a municipality of some 6,700 inhabitants”, added Blasco.

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Little by little, the unimaginable became tangible, turning it into a reality. “From the moment Roberto presented us with the proposal, We liked it a lot. Taking the event from Madrid to one of its 279 municipalities is very positive. Miraflores breathes sport”, revealed the deputy sports minister of the Community of Madrid, Alberto Tomé. “I was a loyal buyer of AS Color. Being here brings back great memories. The world is full of opportunities and you have to take advantage of them when they come through the door. Miraflores is sport. We have the port of La Morcuera, for example, which receives visits from all over the world. It is a place to play sports and, now, it will also be a place to soak up itwith stories that can be extrapolated to the personal life of each one”, completed the mayor of the municipality, Luis Guadalix Calvo.

The FID grows with essence

True to its idiosyncrasy, the FID will also step on the street. The aforementioned presentations will leave La Cristalera to get closer to the inhabitants of Miraflores de la Sierra. On the 5th, at 4:00 p.m., the legends of Real Madrid will train in the municipal field with fans; On the 6th, to open the day, Mengual, Beitia and Mohedano will participate in a 20-kilometre popular march. “When we were told, it was immediately clear to us that we had to be there. We have always been an entity linked to sports sponsorship. The initiative allows sport to be brought closer to children and sport is born from below. Some of the attendees may be the future of these walls”, emphasized África Vega, from CaixaBank, pointing out the landmarks that decorate the AS council room. “In this time of social networks, we have the opportunity to bring real images of all those athletes who have made the history of this country great,” added Alberto Martin Nieto, from Evergy.

The AS council room during the FID visit.
The AS council room during the FID visit. CHEMA DIAZACE DAILY

“One of the vertices of the FID is to value local sports,” Francisco del Río rounded off in reference to an edition that will allocate its collection to the athlete Javier González Arroyo, Paralympic skier: “Being able to tell my story is a great opportunity to continue walking the path of visibility, in which we still have to continue walking. There are only two companies in Europe that make the ski chairs I need and the price is between €9,000 and €10,000. With this type of aid, it is much easier to be in the Paralympic Games or the World Championships. The people who are at home, in addition, by listening to my story, can realize that things can be done after an accident”, explained the local athlete. One of the many reflections that will flood La Cristalera de Miraflores.

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