The FIA ​​includes the ‘noise’ in electric mode

Peace is over. The silence with which the official cars of the World Cup passed when they were only powered by electricity will give way from the Rally de Portugal to a sound required by the International Automobile Federation (FIA). The standard was approved at the World Council last Friday and published yesterday.

Since last year the official vehicles of the World Championship have been hybrids. In addition to the combustion engine, They incorporate batteries that provide them with extra power in timed sections, and in turn they must run only with the electrical impulse in selected areas, normally when going through towns and in the service park. An ecological measure, although dangerous, since in those cases they do not make any noise, so passers-by are not aware of their arrival if they do not see them.

Perhaps this is why the FIA ​​has decided that from the Rally de Portugal (May 11 to 14) it is mandatory that when cars run in electric mode produce a sound of 80 decibels when going below 30 kilometers per hour. A way to make yourself heard and avoid unnecessary abuse.

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