The FIA ​​backs down with the Audi: they will have more power

With the data in hand, the FIA ​​has had no choice but to end up agreeing with Audi. Before disembarking in Arabia, the German prototype lost power compared to the rest of its rivals, but finally the federation has ended up doing a correction that will improve the level of the RS Q e-tron E2 from tomorrow. We will not have to wait for the increase in power to take effect in the cars of Sainz, Peterhansel, and Ekstrom. after the 45th edition of the Dakar introduced among its novelties the Equivalence of Technology (EoT) in a variable format.

After much controversy around this issue will be the Audi who release the new regulations with an increase in power it will add 8 kW (11 hp) to the German prototype. The RS Q e-tron E2 will increase its performance to 266 kW (362 hp) and with Sainz in full swing after Stage 3, this change should favor him in his desire to finish recovering all the time that was left between breakdowns and punctures . Therefore “every horse is welcome. This improvement improves the vision of Madrid in the race. Now it is “somewhat more optimistic” and although the ascent “is little thing, anything that is more powerful will be welcome”. Above all, because he also ends up agreeing with them.


Despite the fact that Carlos always defended in his speech “that powers and weights should be equal” from beginning to end in the competition despite the fact that the Audi cannot reach the minimum of combustion cars (2000 kg for the 2100 of the German prototype), the resolution makes him happy. “So much that the Audi ran… (for the FIA)”, Sainz emphasizes, “well It turns out that I didn’t run that much.” It was not necessary to argue more, the federation “had the data to measure what accelerates one car and another and if they give us 8 kW, it is because They will have seen that we are missing something” to equalize some rivals towards whom even in inferiority, they have already wet their ears. And since reliability will not be a problem, since last year they had “more power and it has been proven”, the only thing left to do is go out and win.

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