The Fed raises 0.25% to its interest rate

The Federal Reserve of the United States unanimously approved an increase in interest rates of 0.25% this Wednesday, according to a CNN report, under the signature of Nicole Gookind, with which it says, it slows the rate of its increases by one clear sign that the Central Bank has made progress in its fierce battle against inflation.

The decision, after the first meeting of the 2023 Federal Open Market Committee ended, comes after months of big rate hikes aimed at reining in the economy. It also marks a return to more traditional interest rate policy.

Since the previous Fed meeting in December, two economic trends have indicated that the bank’s mission to stem price increases is working: Recent data on wage increases and inflation have been encouraging, while signs of growth economy have become worrisome. The prices of many goods that consumers frantically purchased during the pandemic have started to fall, now that consumer demand has shifted to services.

Energy costs have also come down and the housing market has slowed.

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