The FBI’s external e-mail system has been compromised

A group of cybercriminals compromised the FBI’s external email system yesterday, as revealed Spamhaus.

cybercriminals sent Tens of thousands of emails from an FBI email account warning of a possible cyber attack.

The FBI said that, along with the Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Agency, it is “Aware of the incident this morning involving fake emails from email account @”

“This is an ongoing situation and we cannot provide any additional information at this time.” the FBI said in a statement.

The FBI has several email systems, and the one that appears to have been compromised is the one that It is used for agents and employees to send emails abroad. There is a separate email system that agents must use when transmitting classified information.

“It’s not the classifieds system that’s been compromised”said Berglas, a former deputy special agent in charge of the cyber section of the FBI’s New York office. “This is an external account used to share and communicate unclassified information.”

The attacks began at midnight on Saturday in New York with a subsequent campaign that began at 2 am. It is estimated that spam messages reached at least 100,000 mailboxes.

The emails had the following subject “Urgent: A Threatening Actor in Systems”. The message was signed by the US Department of Homeland Security and warned recipients that the actor in the threat appeared to be cybersecurity expert Vinny Troia, who last year was involved in an investigation into hacker group The Dark Overlord.

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The emails did not contain any malware, so it is possible that the purpose of the attack was to flood it with calls to the FBI.

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