The father who ran away leaving the baby in the burning car was punished

The father who escaped leaving a baby in a burning car in the United States has been sentenced to life in prison. The father was involved in drug trafficking.

According to US media, the incident took place in April 2019. Amotop Norman, 28, had been involved in drug trafficking for a long time.

Police say he was carrying a large quantity of drugs and his 19-month-old daughter in his car on the day of the incident when police stopped him at a location.

The accused chased the car and after a while smoke started coming out of his car. Meanwhile, the accused threw the bag full of drugs out of the window and after a while left the girl in the car and jumped out by himself. By then the car caught fire. Was

By the time the police reached there, the vehicle was engulfed in flames while the girl inside had also died of suffocation.

Amotap disappeared from the forest along the road after jumping from the vehicle but was caught the next day. She told the court she hoped police would rescue her daughter from the burning vehicle.

The court has sentenced the accused to 28 years imprisonment after the case has been pending for more than two years.


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