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The fate of Nico Williams at Athletic is cast

The dizzying attacker sends a direct message to the hearts of the Athleticzales

Nico Williams wanted to send a message of calm to Athletic fans. With doubts about his renewal growing days after the market closed and fears of a repeat of a case similar to that of Iñigo Martínez, the youngest of the Williams showed his face in front of the microphones.

After a brilliant win against Betis and a spectacular comeback from an early 2-0 defeat, San Mamés fans got the best news. Although there is nothing official, Nico Williams’ renewal at Athletic appears to be all but complete.

Nico Williams athletic
Nico Williams is clear about his future

Nico Williams sends a message to Athletic fans

At least that’s the conclusion that remains when listening to the player himself. After the Betis win, Nico Williams had a detail with the Athletic fans. “I have everything clear. “Let the fans be calm,” Williams said, hinting that his future is still tied to the rojiblanco team.

Although Athletic Club has not made the agreement official, Sources close to the club suggest Nico Williams’ renewal is a fact. The Uriarte-led club’s strategy seems to be to wait until the transfer market closes to do the math and put together a solid financial plan for the season.

Athletic’s ambitious project

With the renewal of Williams, the Athletic Club wants to consolidate an ambitious sports project. The fans expect both sporting and financial successes from this season. Because of this, Nico’s continuity is seen as a key piece in this puzzle.

In another year, the goal is to come to Europe and go as far as possible in the Copa del Rey. The start is promising, with victories against Betis and Osasuna, teams that will surely fight for the same goals. Losing to Real Madrid was something that could happen.

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