The FAR will not lay down their arms

Khartoum, (BLAZETRENDS) Rapid Support Center (FAR) in Khartoum and other parts of the country.

“Everything is under control, no one has been able to enter the headquarters of the Command,” Al Burhan said in an interview with the Qatari television channel Al Jazeera, in which he indicated that the Army has not lost control of any of its bases. .

Likewise, he urged the FAR to “listen to the voice of reason” and to withdraw their units, or else the Army will be “forced to bring forces to Khartoum from various regions”, which would mean a new and dangerous escalation in the conflict.

Ensures that the FAR responded to the Army

“We have not started any war. We were surprised at around 9 in the morning by an attack by the FAR”, asserted Al Burhan, who indicated that the successive actions of the Army against the paramilitaries were in response to “the aggression”.

The general acknowledged that tensions rose to maximum levels during the night of Friday, when there were “skirmishes” in the Sports City, in the south of Khartoum, where the FAR “harassed during the night” the Army units stationed there.

After these episodes, always according to Al Burhan’s version, the paramilitaries attacked various headquarters of the Armed Forces and “infiltrated and entered the airport,” where they “burned some planes,” he said, reiterating that all strategic facilities are under the control of the military.

The interview with the general was interrupted when he stated that “nobody prefers war, but…”, without the television channel indicating what caused the cut.

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air force bombing

The Sudanese Air Force began this Saturday to bombard positions of the paramilitary group in an attempt to repel the “aggression” of what it described as a “rebel militia”, which began this morning after the FAR accused the Sudanese Army of attacking one of its headquarters. .

These clashes come two days after the Army warned that the country is going through a “dangerous situation” that could lead to armed conflict, after FAR units “mobilized” in the Sudanese capital and other cities without the consent or coordination of the Armed Forces.

Negotiations for a democratic transition

This mobilization occurred in the midst of negotiations to reach a definitive political agreement that would put an end to the 2021 coup and lead Sudan to a democratic transition, a pact whose signing has been postponed twice this April precisely because of the tensions and rivalries between the Army and the FAR.

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