The famous Zodiac killer identified?

A rebound 50 years after the fact? A group of around forty former private detectives, police officers and other US federal agents claim to have unmasked the Zodiac killer. This murderer is linked to five murders in the late 1960s in California.

The group, named Case Breakers, ensures that the serial killer is none other than Gary Francis Poste, a former US Air Force soldier who died in 2018. Among the arguments put forward, there is a photo of the man with a scar on the forehead which corresponds to a robot portrait of the “Zodiac Killer” produced several decades ago. Investigators also claim that the man killed another woman, Cheri Jo Bates, in 1966.

For the moment, the authorities are very far from being convinced by the allegations of Case Breakers. Indeed, the police had ruled a long time ago that the murder of Cheri Jo Bates was not linked to the Zodiac killer. The FBI also assured that it had “nothing new to announce” concerning this investigation which is “still open”. It must be said that the proof of the photo does not seem substantial enough to consider the case as resolved.

Several coincidences

In addition to the photo, the group of investigators claims to have solved puzzles sent by letter by the killer. The latter liked to send coded and encrypted messages to authorities and the media. According to them, thanks to the full name of Gary Francis Poste, a letter could be deciphered. However, not all specialists agree. David Oranchak, computer scientist and who participates in the decoding of the killer’s messages, assured 20 minutes that the technique used regularly generated false positives.

Several other coincidences between the murders and the life of Gary Francis Poste have been found. The group of independent investigators are asking for DNA testing to try to prove their theory, but the answer is no so far. We will therefore have to wait to learn more to consider that the Zodiac killer has indeed been found. What to inspire a sequel to David Fincher, who made a film on the subject in 2007?

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