The family dispute that brought his end 12 years ago

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A decade ago, LMFAO was the group of the moment. But a family dispute ended his promising career and here we tell you about it.

“Tonight it’s party rock in the house, everyone is just having fun” is probably one of the lines that many sang non-stop in 2011. And of course if LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem” became one of the most popular hits of the year.

With a post-apocalyptic video where the world is going crazy after a pandemic and they just want to dance, “Party Rock Anthem” was not only the first single from LFMAO’s second album, ‘Sorry for Party rocking’, but it was the gateway to the world of success and music.

Do you remember her?  The family feud that ended with LMFAO
LMFAO in concert 2009. Photo: Getty Images

More than a decade ago, LMFAO were the musical phenomenon of the moment

So you will have an idea, Billboard ranked this as the seventh most successful song of all time. Additionally, he appeared in several hit television shows including “Glee,” “Gossip Girl,” “Saturday Night Live,” “South Park” and has even been sampled for some video games, e.g ‘Just Dance 4’.

Although the name of LMFAO became known a year earlier with its appearance in David Guetta’s song. “Gettin’ Over You” (2010)The duo’s worldwide success began with this “Party Rock Anthem”. Part of this was thanks to the catchy choreography “Melbourne Shuffle” which has since become popular.

They even performed at a Super Bowl halftime show.

The single was essential for LMFAO, consisting of Stefan Kendal Gordy (known in the duo by his pseudonym redfoo) And Skyler Austen Gordy (called Sky blue), had other musical hits such as “Champagne Showers” ​​and “Sexy and I Know It”.

Even We got to see them as Madonna’s musical guests at her halftime show at the 2012 Super Bowl. An honor that not many artists or bands can claim these days. But at the end of the day, it was the ultimate testament to the success that Redfoo and Sky Blu had back then.

Do you remember her?  The family feud that ended with LMFAO
LMFAO was one of Madonna’s special guests for her Super Bowl halftime show. Photo: Getty Images

But in 2012, the American duo’s promising dream ended.

With everything mentioned, It was imagined that LMFAO would be a group that would destroy it in the following years. However, no one expected that the relationship between the two members (who were also uncles and nephews) would inevitably cause the duo to fade into obscurity.

In September 2012, Redfoo surprisingly announced the indefinite hiatus of the music project. “I feel like we’ve been doing this for so long, four or five years. And we thought, let’s do what’s natural and explore it instead of constantly forcing it.”the musician said in an interview with the Associated Press of Australia.

Do you remember her?  The family feud that ended with LMFAO
Redfoo was the one who announced the duo’s musical hiatus in 2012. Photo: Getty Images

This year, the LMFAO announced its indefinite hiatus

In this conversation with the news agency, Redfoo announced that there were no immediate plans to make songs or do live performances with his nephew Sky Blu.. In fact, the singer made it clear that they would both pursue solo careers.

Rumors of a breakup spread and weeks later, the duo turned to MTV News to clarify what happened: “We will not separate. I am sure. “We’re family and stuff, so it’s always love.”Sky Blu said at the time that they just wanted fans to know them separately.

Do you remember her?  The family feud that ended with LMFAO
Sky Blu initially said it was just about a friendly break with his uncle Redfoo. Photo: Getty Images

And years later, it seemed as if the musical duo had actually broken up

But what seemed like a friendly musical break soon turned into an endless battle. At least that’s what the world thought at the time In 2016, Sky Blu brought attention to his uncle through a Facebook post that I became sick with power.

“I have been wanting to speak my truth about this whole LMFAO situation for a long time. Out of respect for our family, I kept everything to myself.started with the writing that Sky Blu shared with his followers on said social network 8 years ago (and which you can see here)

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Do you remember her?  The family feud that ended with LMFAO
But in 2016 he accused him of wanting to have all the power of the LMFAO. Photo: Sky Blu (Facebook)

“This morning I woke up excited to plan the release of my album that I have been working on for two years.but then I get a call from my lawyer telling me that you own all of my LMFAO royalties.”the American rapper mentioned.

Sky Blu continued to say Redfoo would degrade people and go on “crazy power trips.” In fact, these were the reasons why her musical and family relationships deteriorated. Not only that, he also hinted that his uncle wanted to stay with LMFAO.

Do you remember her?  The family feud that ended with LMFAO
SkyBlu and Redfoo at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2011. Photo: Getty Images

Sky Blu accused his uncle Redfoo of wanting to control everything about LMFAO

Skyler Austen Gordy said he had an injury in 2012 and Redfoo didn’t want to wait for him because “he just let him down.” and continued to perform under the duo’s name: “He got over it and didn’t even check how he was doing,” the singer said.

“As someone who really cared for you, loved you and hurt you a lot…I mean…you are my uncle!! My blood!!! You even continued to tour as LMFAO and made a lot of money doing itHe reported in detail about his uncle, who had never spoken to him to find out how his recovery was going.

Photo: Getty Images

Both continued their musical path separately.

“You hesitated for a long time every day without me. “I really loved you, I admired you, but the more successful we were, the more you wanted to be in control.”concluded Sky Blu in its release, which for many was a clear example that LMFAO’s hiatus was more of a breakup.

Nothing has been heard from the LMFAO since then. Or at least as a duo, oh well Both Redfoo and Sky Blu continued their musical journey for a long time. Of course, it was Redfoo who made the most noise by exploring wider areas of music and even sports.

Do you remember her?  The family feud that ended with LMFAO
Redfoo focused on music and sports after leaving LMFAO. Photo: Getty Images

In 2012 Stefan helped produce and compose Carly Rae Jepsen’s album Kiss; In 2013, many saw him as one of the judges on the Australian version of The X Factor. In 2015, the American musician was one of the authors of the song “King Kunta” by Kendrick Lamar.

In 2016, Redfoo released his solo album “Party Rock Mansion” which didn’t compare well to LMFAO’s works. And 2017 was one of his last musical works the duet he did with British singer Hrvy, as well as his song with electronic duo VINAI.

But many continue to wonder what happened to their promising future as a musical duo.

In a conversation with Forbes magazine in 2018 said Stefan Kendal Gordy said that he has returned to his passion for tennis: “Jack Sock is currently the number one tennis player in America and we’ve been hanging out recently.” And that was one of the last things we heard from him.

Things were completely different with SkyBlu, as he dedicated himself exclusively to making music. The name was changed to 8ky 6lu (pronounced the same) and released his solo album “Chaos to Consciousness” in 2016. It hasn’t made any noise since then. Also on social networks, where he has not been active since April 2023.

Do you remember her?  The family feud that ended with LMFAO
Sky Blu continued to perform as a soloist, but both he and his uncle never regained the fame they had with LMFAO. Photo: Getty Images

2024 marks the 12th anniversary of LMFAO’s separationa musical duo that undoubtedly set a trend among young people who loved animal print clothing, fluorescent accessories and forbidden steps at the slightest provocation.

Surely it is this generation that has been asking the same question as us in recent years: What happened to LMFAO?

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