The fake officer turned Indian soldiers into uncles

New Delhi: In India, a freshman became a fake officer and turned Indian soldiers into uncles.

According to foreign media reports, a person named Kiran Patel pretended to be a senior official of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s office and participated in high-level meetings. Have sat down.

On the other hand, the Indian Army had given a good welcome to Kiran Patel while showing off his pride, the soldier also took a good tour in bulletproof vehicles under the pretext of inspecting the occupied valley, and enjoyed a good stay in five-star hotels.

Press Trust Of India reported that Kiran Patel was on a visit to the Kashmir Valley on March 2 when he was detained by security officials, Navsarbaz was arrested the next day, and was produced in court on Thursday. This incident came before the public.

Police have registered a case against Patel on charges of cheating, impersonation and forgery, the police complaint said, adding that Patel was trying to get ‘financial and material benefits’.

Kiran Patel also has a verified Twitter account through which he is identified as an official of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). He also shared pictures on his Twitter and Instagram pages in which he was seen on an ‘official visit’ with military guards in Occupied Kashmir.

On one visit, Patel claimed that the government had asked him to identify buyers of apple orchards in south Kashmir.

Reports said Patel was accorded the highest level of security, traveled in a bulletproof car and stayed in official residence at a five-star hotel during his visits. Court documents reveal that security officials found fake ID cards in his possession.

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