For now, clubs and players are in a period of analysis in the face of what could be a signing of high media pressure

Atlético de Madrid has suddenly found itself with an established possibility in hiring Willian jose who is the reference striker these days in the Real Betis Balompié. And it is that beyond what is the current situation of the Brazilian, it is necessary to take into account a factor that leaves any discussion loop, and it is a world ranking of players with best scoring record in the major European leagues.

In that distinguished list the former Real Sociedad does not appear but there are two more active members of the squad and they do it among the top 15. It is the ‘panda’ Borja Iglesias placeholder image and of Juanmi. The two are positioned because they are more effective, they have more goals per minute on the field and that could throw the balance in the end. Topics that seem nonsensical and that weigh more than anyone can imagine.

Betis Willian José
Willian José takes over the place at Betis

Now with this news, Betis tilts everything and clearly sees Atlético’s chance on Willian José

Nobody expected it, and much less viewed the case with neutrality, but the truth is that now Willian José has been situated in that line and has not fallen badly in the thoughts of the mattress entity at all. In fact, he is the powerful player that Simeone is looking for, who is capable of holding the ball with the same security with which he combines and attacks with power and speed.

In addition, we must consider the thinking of the player whose only option is to succeed wherever he plays, much more if he is a great who apart from fighting for the title plays his chances year after year in the UEFA Champions League. What marks a next instance which is its price, which due to its recent arrival in Andalusia is believed to be able to pull 20 million euros.

The figures of the Panda and Juanmi are scandalous

The study that was talked about reveals players at the top the size of Robert Lewandowski that is a strange reference to someone of his low influence in our League. The truth is that the panda has an average goal per game played of 0.79, which is in fact very high and they place him in the seventh box. Make the most of every minute in the field to catch up and establish a unique way to show off your skills to the engineer.

It is followed by Juanmi, who is fourteenth and has an average of 0.72 which is great to be just exploding. In such a way that if they know how to take advantage of this, they will surely improve their expectations, and they will not need the strength and forcefulness of Willian José, who has been very important in recent days.


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