The extremism of Isabel Díaz Ayuso, now in WhatsApp audio format

Isabel Diaz Ayuso, the president of the Community of Madrid, who strives to move more and more to the right, once again gave a sample of her extremist speech. She did so via an audio message that she sent to her deputies. “Today the left is finished”says the leader of the Popular Party, after which she added: “kill them”.

It was a harangue to attack the opposition in the regional parliament. The audio reached the cell phones of its 65 deputiesto those who emboldened to highlight in the session presumed achievements of his management, like the end of the doctors’ strike (which put the health system in the Spanish capital in check until salaries were increased); or help for those affected by a subway line, 7B.

Not only that: He also insisted that he kill himself with the closure of the legal action against his brother, pointed out for being part of a government contractor company in the provision of chinstraps during the pandemic. This fact was placed in the public arena by the leadership of the PP a year ago. Result: the crisis ended with the departure of Pablo Casado, leader of the conservatives, and Díaz Ayuso remained unscathed. The Justice filed the case.

“Announcement of the 7B”, “The health strike is over”, “My brother’s thing is nothing”, There are several of the audio tips, to finish off with a “Kill them”.

Said and done: the arguments of the popular deputies in the Madrid parliament were traced from the filtered audio. “They wanted to lynch the president and her brother”said a PP deputy in the session to the opposition of the PSOE and United We Can.

Díaz Ayuso is the rising star of the Spanish right. Two years ago he revalidated his position in a bold move, when he brought forward the elections and defeated Pablo Iglesias, from Unidas Podemos, who after that result announced his retirement from politics. The regional president stands out for her rhetoric, in which she speaks of “communism” to refer to any political force that is not her own and flirts with the extreme right of VOX. In fact, he has come to lash out at Peronism. Now talk about “kill”, albeit in a figurative sense.

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