The exciting fight for female leadership begins in Amsterdam

At the Amsterdam Open today the first four pairs of the male and female rankings enter the sceneand although in the men’s competition Galan and Lebron they have a lot of margin in their position, in the women’s the change of leadership produced after the Madrid Master presents an exciting end to the season for the number one that is now in the hands of Ari Sánchez and Paula Josemaría, protagonists of one of the great turns of the season.

Nevertheless, Sanyo and Tapia, who were the safest and most reliable couple in the men’s ranking, have not handled well what was for them a harassment of first place. After surpassing Navarro and Di Nenno in the second position of the ranking and threatening Galán and Lebrón, in the last two tournaments in a row they have been deflated: for the first time in the year they did not reach the semifinals, in Stockholm; and in the Madrid Master they fell to the first. It is the lesson that Paula and Ari have learned, that after the emotion of the turn to the board they cannot relax: Alejandra Salazar and Gemma Triay today begin the attempt to return to the female throne in which they had been installed for more than a year.

raffle speeds, This morning Ale and Gemma start in front of Marta Talaván and Sofia Araujo, the couple that caused their fall early in Madrid. They are 1,355 real points behind Ari and Paula, and they have five Open tournaments and the Final Master in Barcelona to reverse the situation. In other words, ending number one depends on the two couples, they do not need the collaboration of other results. Ari Sánchez and Paula Josemaría debut in the second round of the day against Carla Mesa and Lorena Rufo.

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In the men’s box, although Coello and Belasteguín are not yet among the top four, in the real numbers of the 2022 season they are already thirdwhich puts pressure on Paquito Navarro and Martìn Di Nenno (third) and Lima and Stupaczuk (fourth) to maintain their privileged positions: They enter the scene directly in the round of 16, and therefore have an advantage heading into the break.

Today you have to see the reaction of Sanyo and Tapia after their first crisis of the year (or know if it continues) against Alonso and Esbri, while Galán and Lebrón face Solano and Windahl. Navarro and Di Nenno will face Pincho Fernández and García Diestro, with Belluati and Silingo facing Stupa and Lima. Coello and Belasteguin were already at stake, and today against Bergamini and Víctor Ruiz.

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