Amid heavy rains, a Naples excitedly remembered Maradona with a caravan of fans and the colors of Boca who have been walking its streets since Wednesday to pay homage to their eternal idol.

It was a ceremony that in sum extended 24 hours continuously, in which emotion and songs of homage reigned, with high points like the inauguration of a statue in front of the former San Paolo stadium in which the Ten won everything and that since this year bears his name.

“Olé olé olé, Diego Diegoooo” was the soundtrack of the tour that hundreds of fans of the peñas xeneizes of the Old Continent performed to remember the “Pibe de Oro”, the symbol from the Ribera team that made the city of southern Italy his During the seven years that he wore the light blue shirt with the number 10 on the back.

The fan’s voice

“Today our emotions are mixed, It is a super sad day to remember that we lost nothing more and nothing less than our lifelong idol, but we are also happy to be here representing Boca in this tribute “, said the Boquense fan Martín Montero to Télam, when inaugurating a plaque that the xeneizes placed in the Spanish Quarter, epicenter of Neapolitan devotion to Diego.

“What is lived here in Naples is tremendous; you talk to any Neapolitan and they cry. It is an unbeatable feeling. Here we understand that people talk about Diego and cry. There is a brotherhood line between La Boca and Naples, between Boca fans and Napoli fans, “added the fan.

From Rome, the ambassador to Italy, Roberto Carlés, contributed your memory: “Maradona made a people happy, And that is not something we see in the world regularly. Argentina owes him many hugs and many tears of emotion, Italy found in him one more son, and the Neapolitans promptly they had a brother who represented them and he loved them very much, “said Carlés.

For the ambassador, “That love, that dedication, that story, is as eternal as its name.”

More tributes

The president of FIFA, the Swiss Gianni Infantino, will participate next Sunday in a tribute to Maradona together with Napoli leaders and Italian football.

The president of the Italian federation, Gabriele Gravina; Former teammates from Diez during their time in Napoli (1984-1991) and Infantino himself will lead the tribute that will be held at the Diego Armando Maradona stadium before the game against Lazio, announced for 16.45 for Argentina.

Reportedly there will be “a unique and unrepeatable laser show to celebrate the myth of Maradona”, and a statue honoring the former footballer who was key to Napoli obtaining their only two “scudettos” in Serie A in Italy will be exhibited.



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