The evolution of Rodri Hernández as Guardiola’s midfielder

There is no doubt that the Manchester City It is one of the best teams in the world. They have a squad full of figures who interact in a sensational way on the pitch due to the game model of Pep Guardiola, who has created an increasingly difficult team to beat on the pitch. One of the names that is standing out in this dynamic is Rodri Hernandez, who is becoming with the passing of the games in the midfielder that everyone had dreamed of at the Etihad Stadium.

The Spaniard began his stage in England with the left foot, suffering more in his stage of adaptation to a new competition and a club that promotes a different game idea than Atlético de Madrid. The first bars were complicated, to the point that Fernandinho won him a place in the most difficult moments. It was a long process, where even Guardiola himself had to integrate variants to be able to create a context that helps him both with the ball and without it, using the full-backs close to him to have a more solid organization after loss and offering him more pass options. short.

A constant evolution

But, over the years, Rodri managed to adapt more and more to the Premier League to the point of becoming a relevant piece within the team’s scheme. SkyBlue. His qualities to defend forward (pressure on the rival, occupation of spaces to remove the opponent’s room for maneuver, anticipation to cut the progression …) and cover more ground without the ball. Pep’s game plan is also making everything easier for him, as well as the rest of the pieces. The tactical evolution has been constant with a positional fluency seen shortly before in a Catalan team.

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Rodri’s statistics according to FBREF compared to other midfielders (The percentile is the percentage compared to others, the higher the number is of those who make the most of that line):

Rodri’s position is the one that has suffered the least change compared to previous years, but there is no doubt that it is the one that has been most enhanced if we take into account the individual evolution of the footballer. A case similar to that of Joao Cancelo as a left back or Bernardo Silva as an interior, who have established themselves as stars in this edition of the Premier League.

Manchester City remains a serious candidate to win the Premier League and the UEFA Champions League, and one of its main pluses compared to previous seasons is the performance of its starting midfielder who, within the current football dynamic, is standing out as no one.


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