The European Union imposed more sanctions on Iran

The European Union imposed new sanctions on Iran’s ‘morality’ police, Gesht Irshad, the information minister and the cyber division of its Revolutionary Guards.

The European Union decided on the new sanctions in response to the death in police custody of Mehsa Amini and a crackdown on protests in response.

The list, published in the European bloc’s official administrative gazette, also blacklisted the heads of Iran’s Moral Police, the Revolutionary Guard’s paramilitary force Basij militia and a uniformed branch of the national police.

Earlier this month, EU foreign policy chief Joseph Borrell hinted that his organization would impose sanctions against Iran in response to the “killing” of Mahsa Amini and a crackdown on protests across the country. Considering

Borrell said Mehsa would continue to consider all options at his disposal, including sanctions measures in response to the death of Amini and the way Iranian security forces have handled the protests.

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