The European Commission prohibits the use of TikTok to its workers

The European Commission banned the use of TikTok on mobile phones and other corporate devices for cybersecurity reasons regarding personal data.

This is indicated by an email that their workers received this Thursday, in which they are given until March 15 to remove the application, as reported by the media. euroactive: “To protect the Commission’s data and increase its cybersecurity, The European Commission’s Corporate Board of Directors has decided to suspend the TikTok application on corporate devices and on personal devices enrolled in the Commission’s mobile device services«.

Otherwise, European officials they will not be able to access other applications such as email, Skype For Business or other similar digital tools.

Brussels follows in the footsteps of the US

This initiative is similar to the one launched a few months ago by the United States Government. In this way, they pointed out that TikTok was a Chinese Trojan horse to spy onshowing misgivings about applications and technological products of Chinese origin among Western authorities due to risks regarding data security.

For its part, TikTok stated that the decision “is wrong and is based on fundamental misconceptions.” In addition, the company noted that “they have contacted the Commission to set the record straight and explain how they protect the data of the 125 million people across the EU who visit TikTok every month.”.

Last November, the social network admitted that the Chinese headquarters have the possibility of accessing the personal data of all users. This confirmation came after revelations by Forbes that the app was being used to spy on journalists.

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