The European Commission is opening sanctions proceedings against the social network

The European Commission has announced the opening of sanctions proceedings against the social network “X” (formerly Twitter) for breaching the obligations of the new European Digital Services Act (DSA), in particular with regard to the measures to be taken detect and contain the spread of false reports and if fraud is suspected in the blue “checks” verification interface for verified accounts.

The lack of transparency surrounding the publication of news incorrect information and misleading designare the three arguments with which the European Commission is opening sanctions proceedings against the social network “X”.

“The legal body authorized by the European Commission aims at much stronger protection of people to the detriment of freedom of action, especially in large digital multinational companies that until now had complete freedom,” explained Iñaki Pariente, digital law expert.

Apparently “X” hhad violated several points of the new law. In this way, transparency would be nullified as there would be ambiguity in passing on information to the authorities. He is also accused of allowing messages containing false information.

“You have to carry out an inspection. This means for social networks to invest resources, make efforts and control the information, which is costly and causes problems for them,” explained Iñaki Pariente.

In addition, another problem with Elon Musk’s platform is this It has a deceptive design. Apparently the direct information for the user has been reduced. Experts point out that the fine he could face could amount to millions.

“We could talk about it 4-6% of annual gross sales the group of companies to which the social network belongs,” said the digital law expert.

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From now on, they must take responsibility for what is published on the platform.

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