The Euroleague leaves Campazzo without playing until March

Euroleague blow to Red Star and Facundo Campazzo. The Serbian club has been sanctioned without being able to register players until February 28in addition to having to pay a fine of 25,000 euros, for serious violations of the Financial Stability and Fair Play Regulations”, explains the Euroleague in a statement. The violations would be related to having past-due debts to players from current and previous seasons, as well as providing false or inaccurate information, which allowed the club to gain an undue competitive advantage and continue its normal operations despite an irregularity.”. The Euroleague has also taken into account the recidivism of the Serbian club, which had already been sanctioned on two other occasions in recent years. For its part, Red Star has declared in an official statement that they believe that “this punishment is extremely severe and will continue in the next few days with all legal means” for them to take it off.

The consequence is that Campazzo will have to continue waiting for two months to be able to debut with the Red Star in the Euroleague. As explained by the competition itself in its regulations, the deadline to register new players is the Wednesday before the matchday 26 match of the regular league, which this year will take place on March 2 and 3. Therefore, Red Star will have to deliver all the documentation to register Campazzo before 6:00 p.m. on March 1less than a day after the sanction ends.

The point guard will be able to play this season in the Euroleague, yes, but we will have to see what condition his team is in when this happens. Red Star is tenth with a record of 8-8, the same as the eighth ranked (Anadolu Efes), but Luca Vildoza’s recent injury, which will keep him off the pitch throughout the month of January, complicates his aspirations a lot. vildoza can miss six games of the highest European competition, which are all those that take place this month. Campazzo, in the best of cases, could play the last nine games of your team. The sum of duels without the two Argentines can be a difficult slab to lift for the aspirations of the Belgrade team.

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