The Ethereum project offers a huge reward for identity crypto hackers

On July 30th, Curve Finance, one of the largest DeFi platforms on Ethereum (ETH), was hacked. Damage was $61 million. Curve offered the hacker $6 million to return all the stolen assets. The hacker decided to do this only partially. Now, Curve has promised a $1.85 million bounty on the person who knows the golden lead to the hacker’s identity.

Error in the code of the DeFi project on Ethereum

The reason for the massive hack was a vulnerability in the underlying code that the hacker exploited. Curve, duped along with other protocols, agreed to give the hacker 10 percent of the stolen loot. The hacker complied with this offer and returned a large part of the stolen assets, but not all. Around 18 million US dollars are still in the hands of the hacker.

“The deadline for the voluntary return of assets has expired. We are now extending the bounty to the public and awarding 10 percent of the remaining stolen assets to whoever can identify the hacker in a way that will lead to a conviction in court.”

Crypto hackers are not afraid

So curve in a message. The curve also shows that the hacker can still return any remaining assets. Then the crypto project will not take any further steps. The hacker also explained why he chose to have some assets returned.

“I’m not returning the assets because I’m afraid you might find me. I’m sending them back because I don’t want to ruin your project.”

Some of the loot remains in the hands of hackers for the time being. The hacker believes that this is a financial hit that Curve can handle. The hack is another DeFi exploit Already this year, this suggests that this branch of the crypto industry is still very vulnerable.

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