The eternal quarterback

Tom Brady communicated this Wednesday his retirement from the NFL. Curiously, on February 1, the same date on which last year he made the same ad. That threat of withdrawal lasted only 40 days. Now everything points to the final goodbye, to the farewell of a legend of his sport… and of the history of the sport. Brady is, almost by unanimous acclamation, the best football player of all time. What the Anglo-Saxon world calls GOATthe colloquial acronym for Greatest Of All Time. The consensus is practically total, although there are always classical voices that recover icons like Joe Montana. It is logical. The comparison of players from different periods is usually quite unfair, especially for those myths that do not emerge in the memory of current memories.

Whether it’s one or two, surely one, Brady’s significance surpasses even their dizzying numberswhich would already be sufficient guarantee to dominate them all as the lord of the seven rings in the Super Bowlof the three MVPs in the Leaguehis 16 Pro Bowlsand of numerous records that you have collected in his 23 year career. The eternal quarterback has expanded the soccer towards numerous fans, from the United States and beyond its borders, for whom the nfl and Brady are almost synonymous. His first Super Bowl It was in 2001, with the New England Patriotswith which he won five more, and the last one in 2021, with Tampa Bay Buccaneers, twenty years later, half a lifetime. No franchise has that many. At 45, Brady closes an illustrious career Y a golden age of American football. Some people also crown him as the best athlete in history, although that is already big words, especially for a discipline that is reduced to a country and half a year of competition. Nor is it so important if he is the GOAT or not, because what nobody is going to take away from him is his presence in the ranks of the greatest of the greats. The eternity.

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