The eternal leader suffers until the end at the Olivo Arena

Barça managed to equalize in the 39th minute against a Jaén team that was strong throughout the match. Leader he needed a 10-meter throw to equalize. It was Ferrao who made it 2-2, after the first goal scored by Matheus. For the local group, the authors were César and Mati Rosa.

The meeting started with a lot of intensity on the part of Jaén. The locals played with the added plus of a yellow-tinted Sand Olive. And that was noticeable during the 40 minutes of play. they had only passed three minutes of play when César put the first for his team. The intensity and the desire to get the three points at home was palpable in the atmosphere. The Andalusian team did not want to make it easy for the eternal leader of this season. Barça was not comfortable on the track. Passes to nothing, plays without finishing, little understanding between the players was what was seen from Jesús Velasco’s team.

The minutes passed and the game continued at a very high pace. Dani Rodríguez had chosen to wear down the visitor, who had absences like André Coelho’s. Minute six arrived and Mati Rosa arrived. An error at the start of Dídac cost the Andalusian team the second, which continued to demonstrate its superiority on the track. The azulgranas did not give up and wanted to defend their lead with honor and Matheus did so. Just one minute after the Argentine’s goal, The Brazilian arrived to cut advantages. After the first goal, the Catalan team seemed to show a little more confidence on the field of play, but it wasn’t right. It was in the 13th minute when The first double penalty shot for Jaén arrived. Chino tried, but the ball went to the post. Conditioned by five fouls, Barça looked prudent, but Seconds before the break, the referees whistled another shot from 10 meters. Chino tried again and again he failed in the attempt. This time it was not the stick, but the Barça wall, Dídac Plana, the one who stuck out his right hand to clear the shot.

In case the first 20 minutes had tasted like little, the second part was not far behind. Dídac came out leaving the goal empty, another mistake that this time cost his teammate, Sergio González, a red card. After the Andalusian team robbed the Barça goalkeeper, Espindola repeated his rival’s action and went alone towards the opposite goal, but Moncada’s man grabbed him by the shirt, an action that cost him a direct red card. Only a minute of this second half had passed.

Jaén was left with superiority (it was not going to be the first of the game), but failed to take advantage of the opportunity. A comfortable local team continued to be seen, dominating the game and generating opportunities. They were also successful in defense, complicating the plays for their rival. But neither one nor the other managed to concede a goal. The locals charged themselves with fouls very quickly, an action that would cost them the double penalty of the draw. In it minute 39, the referee signaled a ten-meter shot, the third of the game, but this time, in favor of the visitor. And how could it be otherwise, Ferrao was shooting, and it is that the Brazilian does not fail. With a minute to go, with 40 minutes of suffering on the back of the Catalans, the match was even. But the emotion in the Olivo Arena lives until the end, and with one remaining to go, an action by Pito on Chino cost him the second yellow card. Again, Jaén was left with superiority in the field, but, once again, they did not take advantage of the opportunity. On the horn, the Barça players claimed a foul and another double penalty, but the referees did not want to give the game so much emotion. The eternal leader manages to get a point after suffering for 40 minutes on a very difficult track.


2 BARÇA: Dídac, Antonio, Dyego, Catela, Adolfo –initial five-. Matheus, Ferrao, Ortiz, Sergio Lozano, Sergio González, Miquel Feixas, Pito, Marcenio. Coach: Jesus Velasco.

2 JAEN INNER PARADISE: Espindola, Attos, Renato, Míchel, Alan Brandi –starting five-. Mati Rosa, Nem, César, Carlos R., Wanderson, Pablo Taborda, Henrique, Luque, Chino. Coach: Dani Rodriguez.

REFEREES: Jorge González Moreta and Luis Mariano Sánchez Chamorro. Chino, Dani Rodríguez, Taborda, Alan Brandi, Henrique and Míchel were admonished for the local side. Double yellow for Pito and direct red for Sergio González for the visiting side.

INCIDENTS: match corresponding to the twenty-fourth day of the league in the First Futsal Federation played at the Olivo Arena in Jaén.

GOALS: 1-0 Min 3. César|2-0 Min 6. Mati Rosa | 2-1 Min 7. Matheus | 2-2 Min. 39 Ferrao.

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