The eternal fight against the injuries of Odell Beckham Jr.

Odell Beckham Jr. is ready to return to the pitch. On the occasion of the beginning of the first preseason training sessions, the Baltimore Ravens receiver has confessed that confidence will play a key role in his development this season to return to the level that he has shown in his previous campaigns within the NFL. A spectacular player who has been weighed down by injuries but who will form a very showy pair with Lamar Jackson.

The Baltimore Ravens relied on the experienced receiver in April after evaluate some tests in which they measured their explosiveness and agility. The team trained by Harbaugh saw in him a perfect fit when the rest of the teams were against incorporating him into their squads due to the doubts raised about his physical condition. The two cruciate ligament tears have diminished the career of a player called to mark an era.

In statements by Odell Beckham himself, the Ravens receiver said that He is not “worried about coming back” because he already did after his first cruciate ligament tear. Nobody knows how he will return from his injury, but the certainty is that it will not be easy. Only five receivers in NFL history have produced 1,000 yards after missing an entire year, with Jordy Nelson the last to do so in the 2016 season.

His incorporation solves one of the main needs of the offense headed by Lamar Jackson in which all eyes of the Baltimore Ravens attack were focused in the absence of differential players. In past seasons, there was over-reliance on the running game, precisely because of the lack of receivers. Odell Beckham Jr. will be a threat to opposing defenses and will become one of the players to watch if he maintains the level he achieved that he displayed with the Rams. “I’m ready to be, again, great,” said the Ravens receiver.

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