The Enrique Otero Circuit reopens its doors

Madrid cycling tourism is once again in luck. And it is that the emblematic Enrique Otero Circuit, which saw the light of day in 1992, has been reopened for the use and enjoyment of all cycling lovers. Fantastic news for all cyclists who wish to practice this sport safely and, at the same time, enjoy the beauty of Casa de Campo in Madrid. The route, paved practically in its entirety, It has a circular section of 11.5 kilometers and two branches that diversify the main route: Pinar Chico and Barranco de la Zorra. “You do a few laps there and you don’t have to take risks on the road,” she told AS Sol, daughter of the legendary Enrique Otero, about the functionality of the circuit.

“The circuit arises from looking for the good of the users of the bike. It has always been so dangerous to ride a bike in Madrid, that what was tried was to find redoubts. We were lucky that the City Council wanted to honor my father after his death ”adds Sol, about the “pride” of “having endured in the memory of the people of Madrid” for so many years.

In addition, Enrique Otero is a true pioneer, as Sol recalls: “It was the first closed circuit in Europe in a big city and it was a pity that it was lost. Altimetries appear on the signs, and they are made of wood, so as not to damage the ecosystem. It is all a success. At the time, there were even free vans with mechanics who cared for people who broke down their bikes”. The Otero family’s love of cycling will leave an everlasting legacy.

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