Home World The Energy Mediator for a minimum right of access to electricity

The Energy Mediator for a minimum right of access to electricity

The Energy Mediator for a minimum right of access to electricity

Stressing that it was a “basic necessity”, the National Energy Mediator took a stand on Wednesday for a minimum right of access to electricity for the most precarious households.

“Like the right to housing, water or the right to open a bank account, it is necessary to guarantee a minimum right of access to electricity. In this perspective, the path of a right to a minimum food, the modalities of which remain to be defined, must be explored ”, declares Olivier Challan Belval, in a press release.

Fuel poverty

“Without electricity, no light, no heating, no access to the Internet, nor to the telephone. It is not acceptable, in a country like France, that households can find themselves in such a situation of precariousness and poverty, ”he argues. November 1 marked the start of the winter break from electricity and natural gas cuts for five months, but energy suppliers will once again be able to cut off the energy of homes in default from April 1. next.

The Mediator’s position statement comes on the very day of the first national day against fuel poverty in France. In his latest barometer published in October, the Mediator reported that 20% of French people said they had suffered from the cold in their homes during last winter.

A check for precarious households

The government recently announced measures, in the face of an increase in energy prices which concerns the whole of Europe: a check for an additional 100 euros for precarious households, the freezing of the increase in the price of gas and the limitation of this increase. of the electricity tariff.

These are “emergency and short-term solutions, but which do not resolve the issue of minimum access to electricity”, considers Olivier Challan Belval. He recalls that the energy code defines electricity as a “staple product” but that each year between 200,000 and 300,000 homes see their power cut due to an unpaid.

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