The emerging Spain

Wool hat, flared or half-dropped pants, rap, hip hop. “I try to respect their culture as much as possible. My youth passed through it, in the 70s and 80s. My closet was the clothes they wear. I don’t have to imitate anything. I have tried to respect that within the parameters that high performance allows”, explains David Morontaworld champion of judo kata master in 2009, doctor in Social Research and Physical Activity and, now, physical trainer of the national breaking team, a sport that will be Olympic in Paris 2024. He started working together with the Spanish Federation of Sports Dance a year ago, with the challenge of classifying two Spaniards for the French event. Juan de la Torre, known as Xak, was fourth in the World Games of the United States, held in July, and finished among the sixteen best at the World Cups in Seoul, in October. Aspire to everything “I have been amazed at how quickly they are adapting. I have experienced other similar processes and the athlete is usually very reticent to change ”, Moronta values.

Xak, like the rest of his teammates in the national team, has gone from training in private rooms or on the subway, with their corresponding problems with the police, to doing so at the Madrid High Performance Center (CAR). His life has completely changed. Stefy Navarro’s, parkour world runner-up, will do so soon. “They have given me access to the CAR and the physiotherapy area. Before, I only trained on the streets, but really, I still do. In the gym I practice new movements. I really like training on the street ”, shreds the Spanish (he arrived at four years old) of Colombian origin. This year, Tokyo hosted the first World Cups of his discipline; in 2028, in Los Angeles, his Olympic debut is expected. “We have to give an exhibition in Paris with the intention of being Olympics in 2028. In principle, that is the plan,” he reveals. After hanging the moneyBecause of her nerves (“she was hyperactive”), she could only sleep for a couple of hours. Then she to work. “I am in a CrossFit box. I’m working 20 hours a week, which can be distributed quite well. I also train there. It’s like my second home,” she details.

“I have tried to make a potpourri of experiences and science. Something new for something new. Missing the opportunity seemed sad to me ”

David Moronta, breaking physical trainer

Ahead, a delicate but exciting process of professionalization awaits you. “They were high-performance artists, but not high-performance athletes. They were in very good physical condition, but they were not used to planning it for a specific tournament or period. What I have tried to do is a potpourri of experience and science. I could have taken things that already exist and work, but I decided to abstract myself a bit. ‘If this is new, why don’t we create something new instead of imposing it?’ I thought. Missing the opportunity seemed sad to me. It is something that is not going to happen many times in history”, Moronta analyzes about breaking, with similarities with parkour at the level of preparation. “I don’t see technical names in breaking, I see levers, biomechanics, forces… and I see that in all disciplines. Parkour is a very close one. The fact that Stefy is runner-up in the world will further promote this commitment to urban sports ”, he celebrates.

climbing, a mirror

In Tokyo, at just 19 years old, Alberto Ginés from Cáceres became the first Olympic gold medalist in the history of climbing. Shortly after, in Moscow, Erik Noya hung the silver in the World Cups, in the speed test. Before the conditions for it were given (few climbing walls, low investment, etc.), climbing was presented to the world with Spain as a power. “What we call ‘the miracle’. An impressive change has been seen as a result of the Games and the subsequent results, ”reveals Noya, the grandson of Galician emigrants and born in Caracas, from where he returned due to the crisis. To continue climbing, he worked as a delivery man, giving classes at the Retirement or at birthday parties. “If they had predicted my future and I knew everything I’ve experienced, I don’t know if I would have jumped into the water. Lots of blood, sweat and tears. What would be cool is that the previous phase was less traumatic. That one can have more opportunities without depending on a silver or a podium in the World Cups. I would never have imagined achieving it and, therefore, I had never imagined that the doors of the CAR (of Sant Cugat) could have been opened for me. My situation, now, has changed from A to Z ”, she reflects.

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“What would be cool is that the previous phase was less traumatic, that it did not depend on a silver or a podium in the World Cups”

Erik Noya, climber

As an expanding sport, which is becoming known within the elite, climbing undergoes constant metamorphosis. Try and failure. In Japan, only one gold was put into play, which combined the tests of speed (speed), blocks (boulding) and difficulty (lead). In Paris, speed, Noya’s specialty (fourth in the world ranking and three World Cup medals this season), will have its own podium. “Within the same world, we were the most relegated. I felt that it was my moment and I saw light after a lot of darkness ”, she recalls about the moment in which he knew that speed was becoming independent. There will be more changes. In Los Angeles, the block is also scheduled to separate; for later, innovations are expected. “We have been told about the possibility, we don’t know when, that there is a kind of speed relay, something that would put more Olympic places at stake,” he reveals. At the moment, there are 14. At the World Cups in Bern (Switzerland) and the Europeans in Krakow (Poland), Erik will chase the first.

Esther Briz and Ander Martín at the World Cup in Wales.


Esther Briz and Ander Martín at the World Cup in Wales.

Sea rowing, an opportunity

A mirror, climbing, in which other disciplines are seen. Among them, the beach sprint and sea rowing, rowing modalities characterized by their spectacularity and dynamism. “It’s a really fun thing to watch. It is shorter than any other race and it is pure spectacle. The differences between participants are minimal. You are watching a pique all the time”, explains Esther Briz, world and continental champion in October, together with Ander Martín, in both disciplines. Spain was first in the medal table, both in Wales (World Cups) and in San Sebastián (Europeans). In 2028, they could also have their Olympic debut. “It is not certain, but it is very probable”, Esther qualifies, elected representative of sea rowing within the athletes commission of the international federation.

His partner has been practicing it since he was 10 years old. The first boat he got on, in fact, was of that discipline. The pandemic deprived Esther of competing in the U-23 Olympic Rowing World Championships (“I had been training all summer, I felt very well physically and I wanted to,” he explains) And Ander, who had already raised the possibility in youth, “tricked” her to take the step. boom. The chemistry, which came from home (“we are lifelong friends”), became medals. A new door was opened without forgetting the ones that both, with excellent results in the traditional modalities, already had open. “I have my sights set on Olympic rowing, which is already tangible, which is going to be in Paris and the latest results have been good. From there, we’ll see. If sea rowing is Olympic, we’re going to have to decide. I am very much at home…”, drops Ander, from Torrevieja (Alicante), where a modernization center is going to be set up (also in Malaga or Tarragona). “The meters of coastline and the climate that we have make it possible,” he analyzes. Something that, paradoxically, connects with parkour. “The streets here are very good for training. They have many sites by theme of architecture: parking lots, garages, squares… It seems that they are made for us. The weather, almost always good, also affects a lot”, Stefy adds. emerging Spain.

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