The elusive spy plane Russia plans to use in Ukraine: It could turn the tide of war

In connection with the war in Ukraine, powerful military weapons were used by Russian and Ukrainian troops. From drones to tanksas well as rockets or other latest generation weapons were deployed, either from Russia or provided by the West in Kiev. Also Soviet-era aircraft, which, despite being several decades old, continue to function and be productive. As in the case of the M-55 Mystic B, a spy plane that could change everything in the Ukraine conflict.

According to the British Ministry of Defense, the Kremlin is considering a launch the M-55 Mystic B to address one of the most obvious needs of their military capabilities. Above all, the British authorities explain, one of the major shortcomings of the Russian armed forces has been exposed, namely their inability to establish an ISTAR system throughout the duration of the conflict.

The M-55 Mystic B was a formidable weapon It entered service in 1988. It had a load capacity of up to 1,500 kilos, which was achieved thanks to the removable modules that could be attached to the wings, the Kyiv Post explained.

“The reconnaissance equipment works automatically during the flight using real-time data transmitted to the ground control station via a communication channel,” the Ukrainian media added.

The single-seat aircraft could fly at supersonic speeds and had two turbojet engines that allowed it to stay in the air for more than six hours. So if it were to become active again on Moscow’s orders, it could be a decisive weapon in the conflict.

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