The eleven of day 23 of LaLiga SmartBank


Andrés Fernández (Huesca)

Andrés Fernández has won the place in the eleven of the day thanks to his penalty saved to Rubén Castro. This action came with 0-1 on the scoreboard and served to end the hopes of Cartagena. To this he added three more stops.


Cifuentes (Ibiza)

Photo of Cifuentes

Ibiza-Alcorcón left eight goals and four players in this eleven. And they could have been more. Cifuentes is the first of them. The winger scored a good goal by turning around on his heel before beating Dani Jiménez.

Tejero (Eibar)

Photo of Tejero

Tejero saved a point for Eibar with a great goal. A capital ‘Tejerazo’ that slipped through the very squad. The goal came in the 87th minute with a distant shot, unstoppable for Femenías.

Kravets (Sporting)

Photo by Vasyl Kravets

If the goal that Kravets scored against Malaga is not in the top three of the season at the end of the season, it will be short on it. Sublime goal with a centrochut that surprised the player himself, who after scoring put his hand to his mouth in astonishment.

Coasts (Oviedo)

Photo of Costas

Costas opened his account of the season with a great goal from a corner. His shot at the far post was final and he kissed the crossbar before entering the corner of Yoel’s goal.


Herrera (Ibiza)

Photo by Cristian Herrera

Ibiza reappears. One player per position and in this case Herrera appears in this demarcation, although it could well have been Bogusz. In this case we opted for the canary for his electric overflow in his goal. He also gave an assist.

Ramón (Malaga)

Ramón signed an excellent performance against Sporting. The Málaga youth squad saved a point for his team with a great goal from outside the area. Unstoppable for a Mariño who worked hard but couldn’t do anything.

Christ (Valladolid)

Photo by Cristo González

Cristo reaffirmed the good moment of Valladolid with a goal that served to add the fourth consecutive victory. The midfielder made a work of art with a soft, twisty hit that poisoned himself and hit the crossbar before entering the goal.


Escriche (Huesca)

Photo by Dani Escriche

Escriche has scared away the doubts in the attack of Huesca. The forward has taken the place thanks to his glorious afternoon against Cartagena, in which he scored two goals and gave an assist.

Castel (Ibiza)

Photo by Sergio Castel

Ibiza closes the quota in this eleven with the entrance of Castel. The forward scored the first and closed the win with the sixth and defeinitive. We were left with the last one, in which a shipment from David Álvarez finished with a head, setting the times perfectly.

Xisco (Alcorcón)

Photo of Xisco

It is not very common for your forward to double and you end up losing the game. Well, that is what happened to Alcorcón before the gale that was Ibiza (amply commented previously). Madrileños do not raise their heads.

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