The population began to feel an improvement in the supply of electricity, a behavior that is verified in the statistics of the Coordinating Agency (OC) of the National Interconnected Electric System (SENI).

At 10:00 on Friday night, the SENI did not register any deficit, On the contrary, of the 2,870 megawatts programmed, there was a synchronization of 3,130 megas and a supply of 2,960 megas.

The OC-SENI has registered Unit 1 of Punta Catalina out for an indefinite time, as well as the San Felipe generator, however it is expected that Unit 1 of PC will enter the system by the end of this month.

The Mina 1 and the Mina 2 that had presented failures are already within the SENNI. On Friday night only eight circuits (2 from Edenorte and 26 from Edeeste) had been registered outside for a total of just 24 megawatts.

Currently, the SENI has a synchronization of 2,575.50 mg, the real availability was 3,105.84 mg, while the consumption was around 3,105.84 mg, above the programming of 2,571.01 mg. The actual synchronized availability was 2,575.50 mg, so it presented a deficit of 221.56 mg.

The government electricity sector reported this Friday of the entry into SENI of 410 new megawatts from private generators to supply the high demand for energy in the face of the strong heat wave and to eliminate the blackouts that occurred in the middle of the week due to the of several plants, some of these due to breakdowns and that together with the 356 mg of unit 1 of Catalina removed several circuits.
EDES spokesperson
Andrés Astacio, vice president of the EDES Energy Distribution Companies, explained that as the authorities of the sector had explained on Thursday, actions were adopted that have been increasing availability.

“Since Thursday night there is no generation deficit and that has allowed the system and the quality of the service to stabilize. The population feels a great improvement”, affirmed the EDES spokesman.

He revealed that in addition to the 410 megawatts generated by private companies, today 140 megawatts enter from Estrella del Mar and 110 megawatts from Los Mina 5 and Los Mina 7, so the system is stabilizing.

Now, he said, there are 3,000 synchronized megabytes and although breakdowns can occur, these can be solved, since the first thing it solves is the macro in the generation.

He explained that specialized generation is being used for certain users and transmitting it to the general system.


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