The electricity crisis is alleviated

The National Interconnected Electric System (SENI) maintains a supply above 3,016 megawatts, behavior that the authorities promise to maintain with a generation of 400 megawatts that are already in the bidding phase.

At the moment the service is stabilized after last week the exit of several generating plants was presented at once and that the SENI took out more than 800 megabytes, causing blackouts in different parts of the country.

Yesterday by mid-afternoon there were 2,7114.3 megawatts online of thermal generating plants, which are those that use derivatives of fossil fuels.

The demand for energy is close to 3,200 megabytes in the Dominican population and to guarantee supply, a national energy plan is being worked on that will gradually contribute about 2,000 megabytes over the next five years, said yesterday the executive vice president of the Electricity Distribution Companies Electricity and Secretary of the Unified Council of Electricity Distribution Companies: Empresa Distribuidora de Electricidad del Este, SA Edenorte Dominicana, SA and Edesur Dominicana, SA, Andrés Astacio.

Speaking on the program El Día, Astacio said that a short-term solution has been sought with 400 mg and another 800 mg are being tendered so that this tender closes between July and August of this year.

He stressed that work is being done to add 2,000 mg to the system within a period of five years, in addition to the fact that by 2028 the energy “mix” will have integrated 1,000 mg in renewable energy, which should allow energy independence and supply.

In the country there is an installed energy capacity that can be used at any time of 3,350 megawattsof which there is 250 mg in solar energy, 140 in wind power and 400 mg from hydroelectric plants, but only half is used because priority is given to drinking water and irrigation services, he explained.

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To the mountain
The Minister of Energy and Mines, Antonio Almonte, stated that the entry of several generators at the end of this month will guarantee the stability of the electrical system, which has experienced a notable improvement in recent days with the administrative measures adopted.

“Punta Catalina I is expected to start operating on May 30 and, in addition, the Los Mina V and VII generators will enter the system during the week, contributing more than 200 megawatts; while Estrella de Mar III will increase the offer by an additional 70 megawatts”, he said.

In the television program Hoy Mismo, Minister Almonte assured that with the reincorporation of these generators the country will return to the point of electrical stability with a supply greater than demand, but with a narrow margin with respect to supply and demand.

Regarding the measures adopted, he said that they had talked with the executives of Barrick Gold and Falcondo so that they would increase the supply of energy that they supply to the system as part of their surplus production.

400 Mg tendered
At the end of last year, a emergency tender for 400 new megawatts which ended in March, and that of these 200 were awarded and will be installed in October of this year, to ensure a supply greater than the demand, said Almonte.

2,000 megawatts
By October 2022, SENI will receive the first 400 mg from the emergency tender, to which will be added 800 mg from another tender and another 800 mg from the construction of two natural gas terminals in Manzanillo, for a total of 2,000 megawatts.

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