The election began in Nicaragua with long lines to vote

With long lines of people waiting to vote for at least an hour before the opening of the circuits, the presidential election began in Nicaragua, in which the current president Daniel Ortega appears as a favorite.

These elections have been questioned by opposition parties and part of the international community. The Organization of American States (OAS) and the European Union questioned whether several presidential candidates are imprisoned. In addition, social organizations and opponents They called not to vote in the elections this Sunday.

Meanwhile, several of the people who went before the opening of the circuits defended the government. “I come to ratify the government of Daniel Ortega“Said, for example, Edgar in a local television interview.

The chancellor also expressed himself before voting Denis Moncada. The minister said that he came to exercise “the sacred right” to vote and that it is “the Nicaraguans” who elect the authorities “to decide the policies that are carried out in the country and not imperialism,” he said.

He then sent a message to those who have criticized the country’s electoral process: “Nicaragua is not intimidated, Nicaragua is not threatened”.

On Sunday’s election day there are 4,478,334 citizens authorized to elect the president for the period 2022-2027, as well as 90 deputies of the National Assembly and 20 deputies of the Central American Parliament.

The electoral roll of qualified persons is made up of citizens over 16 years of age who have participated in at least one of the last three elections. According to information from the Superior Electoral Council, there will be 3,106 voting centers throughout the country where 13,459 Vote Receiving Boards will be installed, for an average of 332.7 voters for each one.

The six candidates

There are six presidential candidates: Daniel Ortega by the Sandinista National Liberation Front; Walter Espinoza by the Constitutionalist Liberal Party; Mauricio Orue Vazquez by the Independent Liberal Party; Marcelo de Jesus Montiel Fernandez by the Nicaraguan Liberal Alliance; Gerson Gutierrez Gasparin by the Alliance for the Republic and Guillermo Osorno along the Nicaraguan Christian Way.

There are three parties unable to participate in these elections and 7 imprisoned presidential candidates: Cristiana Chamorro, daughter of the former president and most popular opponent, as well as Félix Maradiaga, Arturo Cruz, Medardo Mairena, Miguel Mora, Noel Vidaurre and Juan Sebastián Chamorro, all imprisoned between June and July of this year.

The “Law for the Defense of the Rights of the People to Independence, Sovereignty, and Self-determination for Peace”, approved in December 2020, was applied to all of them.


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