According to data extracted from Transfermarkt on the net spending made by the Big Six on transfers since Pep Guardiola landed in the Premier League, the Catalan coach has been very marked. The Manchester City leads the ranking of teams that have invested the most in incorporations.

Manchester City

And it is that, since Pep Guardiola landed on the bench at the Etihad Stadium, the Manchester City It is the Premier League team that has spent the most money on transfers. Exactly, since the Catalan coach signed for Manchester City, the Sky Blues have invested 720 million of euros.

Of the rest of the teams that make up the Big Six in England, the Man Utd it is second in the ranking, followed by Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham and Liverpool, in that order.

Far from things starting to change in Manchester’s blue zone, the Sky Blues board has closed the arrival of Erling Haaland, the striker destined to dominate European football for years to come. In fact, he doesn’t look like things are going to be much different.


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