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The E-Sport Revolution is called SORARE and weighs 5 billion

Sorare Revolution Esport

SORARE, the French blockchain unicorn that will revolutionize e-sport

SORARE is like the panini cards from our childhood. Except that we do not know anyone who has become rich thanks to these panini cards, at least not in the playground. But SORARE is playing in the big leagues.

SORARE, the French Tech nugget that is revolutionizing Sport and Video Games

SORARE is a nugget of the french tech. A lot of people have heard about it in the past year. But the adventure started longer ago. Nicolas Julia, the co-founder, launched the box in 2019. At that time, it was a Game online based on Ethereum Blockchain and sports.

  • For sports fans, this was the perfect opportunity to embark on a blockchain adventure and discover how this new technology that we hear so much about works.
  • For Nicolas julia, it was the opportunity to conquer a new market.
  • The sports, games and collectibles market. The three most important markets in the world.
  • This is the reason why the Fundraiser produced by SORARE exceeded anything that had been done before in the world of French tech.
  • The Paris-based company raised $ 680 million.
  • This is the price at which investors valued SORARE in the first round. Today, it is worth $ 4.3 billion, an increase of 640%.
  • For people who have already invested in SORARE, this is blessed bread. But the best is yet to come.
  • This is the opportunity for those waiting on the platform to get on the train.

Because partnerships with SORARE are only accelerating. The company has benefited on several levels from the different movements in the crypto currencies. There was the NFT wave, which greatly benefited this market. Indeed, the cards that we exchange like panini cards are now objects that can be transferred from one wallet to another. This means that a collector can own the NFT ofAntoine Griezmann after buying it directly from the footballer.

The NFT are one of the most explosive markets, but the hardest to understand. For someone who has no experience in the art markets, it is very easy to get screwed or bet on the wrong horse. But with SORARE, you don’t bet on a horse. You bet on the whole team!

This is the reason why the real investors, the banks which raised $ 680 million in the first round of SORARE funding, are investing in this company. It is a market that is valued in tens of billions of dollars, see hundreds.

SORARE now weighs $ 4.3 billion. And this money is going to be used to develop the business, according to Nicolas Julia’s statements. The objective remains to shine on the markets of video game and sport.

As SORARE is a French company based in Paris, the first partnerships were with the French team. Now it is launching an assault on the 20 main European leagues, and has already signed the 50 main teams. These partnerships will make it possible to add all these players from football at the game of fantasy football.

The next stages of development? The United States market where the SORARE team is already looking to expand. There, the frenzy of the NFT has won many sports, like Basket. Sales of NBA highlights, dubbed the NBA Top Shots, were all the rage, and some sales exceeded $ 300,000.

So new sports could develop on the game of SORARE? It is very possible.

“We have received interest from leagues and fans around the world to replicate our model in other sports,” said Julia.

The ambitions of its leaders seem limitless, and investors are there to fuel the adventure with billions. It is a new market in which the most profitable elements of sports and video games are added.

NFTs to Finance Women’s and Community Sport

The next step ? This is where the vision of the founders is truly disruptive and unique. The aim is to help the development of sport in areas that the mainstream media and the video game industry are neglecting. By appealing for example to community sport, but also to women’s sport.

“We believe that NFTs can significantly accelerate the development of women’s sport. We will actively invest in this area, starting with women’s football. ”

Areas where the collector’s item could particularly explode. These are areas that certainly generate less than millions in advertising budget during matches. But the community aspect reinforces the feeling of belonging. And fans are all the more ready to buy or collect NFT in the effigy of players they identify with. Even better, this is an area where entertainment once had no hold.

It was previously impossible to monetize this whole part of the sport, which represents in volume much more matches and players than the top of the basket. Thanks to SORARE, even the smallest teams will be present in the world of video games. They will now have access to this market as well as to the income that goes with it!

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