The Ducati revolution

“It is impossible to fight with the Ducati. They seem to have no weak points. “These words from Pol Espargaró after the San Marino GP, perfectly summarize the image that the Italian factory is projecting in a season where, once again, they have been protagonists for their revolution. More than in the technical section, because that has been working since 2013 exactly, now the bet has come as Gigi Dall’Igna recognizes in some signings “that have completely changed the pattern” based on youth and talent, which finds no barriers when it comes to showing off on the asphalt. Given that the Desmosedici has become the most complete motorcycle of a grill, which is unable to find fault with the great work of the Italian engineer.

Braking stands out from the GP21, where Bagnaia finds more facilities, and acceleration, its most outstanding virtue. In Bologna they have managed to do a less aggressive motorcycle, causing the power delivery to be more comfortable, and it is that they understand that “speed is very important for the race strategy, because this way it is easier to overtake drivers on the straight and then around the curve. “Based on their weak points, it is difficult to find the negative aspects to highlight. Because any team dreams of having a custom motorcycle for each of its pilots and this Desmosedici, although it has a bit of all of them, it does not miss that utopia: “A good bike gives the rider the chance to use it the way he wants and ours does.”

The results support the words of Dall’Igna. So far this season, five of his six pilots after Bastianini’s third in Misano have visited the podium, and in the top-5 of the general standings there are three Desmosedici, among which the one of a Bagnaia stands out especially to whom everything comes easily. “We are ready for any condition”, assures a Pecco that tries to return those of Bologna to the top in front of a Quartararo, who has dubbed them “the red army.” Never in the same course has Borgo Panigale’s motorcycle had so many representatives in the drawer and is that now, not even weight is a drag that forces its pilots to manage the effort during the race as in the past.

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Since Dall’Igna landed in Bologna after leaving Aprilia’s racing department, everything has been firm steps. The Italian genius is the one behind Ducati’s current successes and not only changed the factory structure in his day in a reorganization that took about two years (he divided the Racing Department into four sub-departments: engines, chassis, electronics and aerodynamics), but also changed the pace of MotoGP looking for the limits and gray areas of the regulation to be as competitive as possible.

The big news

First came side spoilers to increase downforce. They were banned in 2017 and the engineer reformed the fairing of the GP17 to adapt the fins to the regulations. Later a device on the swingarm to cool the tire that was accepted from the first moment (although only by the FIM and not the rest of the rivals) and finally, the famous holeshot that now all the teams wear.

Gigi’s creations have been copied for the rest of rivals and since his appointment as general director of the racing division, the result could not be better, since he has converted a bike that only performed well on some circuits on the best of the grid. The Italian has set up a perfectly greased and synchronized machine, within a long-term project in which everything comes out of his head. That one, who is already thinking about the next goal: “Now It is time to think about the future and we are already working on it. In October we will be able to start to see something on the track, I cannot say what will be seen in 2022, but it is important to evolve, create something new… because it is the best we can do in our life. “

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