There is nothing dreamlike about the dream of Lightning. It’s more than real. The franjirrojos continue unstoppable in Vallecas, where they have only let two points escape so far in the League and they did not even have to resort to Tiger Falcao, fresh from injury. There is no one who coughs those from Iraola, who wakes them up, because they have no roof. They have earned the right to dream big and this win against Mallorca, which made up the score at the last gasp, returns them to sixth place, with the Champions League within three points. The goals of Sergi Guardiola, Álvaro and Trejo gave the finishing touch to a few vermilion that have chained six games without winning.

El Rayo knows the role by heart. He does not hesitate. It is a perfectly oiled machine. And although Mallorca came out without complexes – neither the numerous casualties nor the bad streak intimidated them – with Kang-In Lee as the main stiletto, the danger was in charge of the franjirrojos. The locals only needed three touches to disturb Reina, but Guardiola’s shot, a pass from Álvaro, went wide. The pressure and the rhythm were high, like the decibels of those who braved the cold and the rain to warm their people. The reward came when a masterful Comesaña cut Antonio Sánchez and put it into space to an accurate Guardiola, whose cross shot slipped between Maffeo and the goalkeeper to open the scoring at a quarter of an hour.

Of course, the party did not stop. After five minutes, the Vallecano fans were raging again. This time it was Trejo who spotted Álvaro and he finished an extraordinary ride, beating Reina in hand-to-hand. The 20th minute had not been completed and Rayo already commanded the game, pulling out the thorn from what they experienced last season. Then, in that same period of time, the vermilions had endorsed them three goals. That was Second and, what is life, now the song of next year Rayo-Liverpool sounds more realistic than ever and as beautiful as ever.

Antonio Sánchez and Kang-In tried to revive the visitors – unsuccessfully – but Dimitrievski calmly smothered any outbreak of fire. While Reina miraculously emerged unscathed from a flurry of shots fired by Isi and Balliu. To the point that Figueroa Vázquez annulled Catena’s 3-0 due to a (doubtful) lack of the central defender on the rival goalkeeper. The first part expired with a shoe from outside the area of ​​Kang-In, which ended outside.

Shield / Flag Mallorca

The second act was lacking spice … And it came with a surprising change (Luis García removed Kang-In, the most active man in the island team) and with the bite between Oliván and Guardiola, which ended with a yellow for each. Aside from that, Ray was still hungry and resulted in several auctions, one from the crown of the Trejo area that Reina blocked, another from Guardiola who took out the Majorcan defense under sticks and another hand-in-hand from the Franco-red striker who ruined the goalkeeper.

The vermilions trusted their green shoots to Angel’s push, but they soon withered. As soon as Valjent committed a penalty on Guardiola, thanks to a clear grab. There, from eleven meters, Trejo threw class and scored at the Panenka. The meeting was entertaining until the end. The referee again annulled a goal to the Strip, to Álvaro to be exact, for offside. And at the moment when it seemed that all the fish was sold, Abdon cut the distance with a left foot.. The fate of the newly promoted has two faces: the happiness of the Vallecanos contrasts with the impotence of the island people. And the permanence begins to know little for a Ray that not only excites, also falls in love.


Jordi Mboula (54 ‘, Lee Kang-In), Angel (54 ‘, Fernando Niño), Baby (67 ‘, Sergi Guardiola), Unai lopez (67 ‘, Trejo), Aleix Febas (69 ‘, Ruiz de Galarreta), Amath (69 ‘, Antonio Sánchez), Jose well (72 ‘, Comesaña), Kévin Rodrigues (84 ‘, Álvaro García), Andres Martin (84 ‘, Isi), Abdon prats (84 ‘, Dani)


1-0, 15 ‘: Sergi Guardiola, 2-0, 19 ‘: Alvaro Garcia, 3-0, 62 ‘: Trejo, 3-1, 88 ‘: Abdon prats


Referee: Jorge Figueroa Vázquez
VAR Referee: Xavier Estrada Fernández
Lee Kang-In (27 ‘, Yellow) Oscar Valentine (46 ‘, Yellow) Brian (56 ‘, Yellow) Sergi Guardiola (56 ‘, Yellow) Trejo (64 ‘, Yellow


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