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The dramatic story of Cielo Rotryng Álvarez

The dramatic story of Cielo Rotryng Álvarez

Argentine table tennis player Cielo Rotryng Álvarez publicly denounced that, when she was a minor, she had been abused by her Chilean colleague Juan Lamadrid Barrazaat an event in National Center for High Performance Sports (CENARD).

The young woman remarked that the event took place five years ago, when she was 14 years old and, after the complaint, in the trans-Andean country the Justice analyzes the extradition request requested by the National National and Correctional Court No. 40.

One realizes when the facts are clarified a little and when you gather the courage to do it and face the world around us and that it is quite difficult for these things”Rotryng affirmed in dialogue with Todo Noticias.

There were no problems now, yes before making the complaint, by the person, since it is relevant worldwide. At the time it was difficult for me to assimilate the facts and I didn’t want to file a complaint, I was very afraid because I knew there was going to be a lot of talk and that my sports career was going to hang in the balance. Later I understood that when you do things right, nothing can go wrong, “he acknowledged.

According to Rotryng’s complaint, The episode would have occurred on December 14, 2017 at the Argentine Republic Table Tennis Open, an event that brought together minors and adults at CENARD.

On the subject, the athlete did not give details, but said: “It was something premeditated because I don’t think a person has the ability to change the course of things from one second to another.. What happened was that I was going somewhere and he appeared behind me and was like, ‘no, we’re going another way…'”.

In addition, he clarified that since the CENARD “were always available, the same on the part of the authorities such as those of the Argentine Table Tennis Federation (FATM)” and added: “They showed concern about the facts.”

Nowadays, The 19-year-old stressed that she feels supported by those who are part of the sports environment: “I feel very accompanied by other players, not only Argentines but also worldwide. Unfortunately nobody was surprised and that’s what makes the most noise. Due to the mechanism of action that this person has, many people attest and people who have come out to speak have gone through them. I received a lot of support and statements that are important for the cause.”

For its part, the Chilean press spread some messages in which Lamadrid refers to the subject. First he laughed and in an Instagram story, he stated: “I’m super worried. They make me laugh.” And he threatened his own denunciations of him: “I am from the street, I have codes, I have a sister, I have a mother, they don’t know me. I am going to file a complaint with each and everyone and they are going to have to pay me. Either they pay me or they go to jail. Short”.

Also, from Chile affirm that the athlete no longer goes to the usual places or to his training center after the complaint was made public.

Cielo was blunt about the Chilean in that he did not make himself available to Justice: “He is not collaborating and is loose doing his normal life. Go to public places where people see you. Very hidden is not. I feel calm doing things well, looking for it to have the scope it deserves because it is not only Argentina and Chile that are responsible for it, but also table tennis, which is where this person manages and works.” In addition, he clarified: “I was not surprised by his messages or the arrogant way he has of speaking. It does not have a general level view. He is a very self centered person“.

On the other hand, the national athlete revealed how the situation affected her: “The following year I left the National Team and I wanted to stop going to CENARD because it was a place where I did not feel comfortable.. What mobilized me is that I didn’t want any girl, neither younger nor older, to have to go through that and today the precautions that have to be taken must be much greater.” “I I stopped playing for a long time and only now am I trying to get back into the sportbut mostly recreationally because it was something that made me happy,” he added.

Last On June 3, Cielo made the subject public on his Instagram account, but soon after he made his presentation to the Justice and there is a request for the extradition of Lamadrid. “How long will these things continue to happen to us? It was not my dress, neither the time nor the place. If there is no consent, it is rape. Today I decide not to shut up anymore, “she wrote in his post.

three days later, The FATM published its statement in which it reported that “this unfortunate episode has been reported A few months ago and since then both members of its Executive Committee and its Technical Staff have accompanied and collaborated with Cielo and his family in this difficult moment”.

In addition, he highlighted: “This Federation has informed both the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), the Latin American Table Tennis Union (ULTM) and the South American Table Tennis Confederation (ConSuTeMe) of this presentation before the Court. so that they arbitrate the necessary means in the face of this type of episode”.

Finally, Eduardo Picand, a Chilean lawyer specialized in international law, explained about the case: “The requirement that is going to be discussed is: Is the background serious and serious for a prosecutor from the Chilean Public Ministry to present an indictment if this same event had occurred in Chile? If the answer is ‘yes’, it will be extradited. If it is no, the extradition will be rejected”.

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