The drama is experienced on both banks of the Ría de Vigo

Saturday is the last day of the Asobal League, and Sunday of the Santander Leagueand although neither Cangas nor Celta are currently in relegation positions, on both sides of the Ría de Vigo lives the final outcome with true uneasiness because both teams are bordering on relegation.

The last week the Swan of Pontevedra did an invaluable favor to his neighbors in Cangas del Morrazo, because once relegated he was able to raise and win the match he was losing with Guadalajara. Two fundamental matches will be played this Saturday: Guadalajara (18 points)-Sinfin (20) and Cangas (19)-Huesca (out of the fight). The one that goes down, the one that promotes and the one that is saved is decided. Cangas needs a point to not go down directly, because in a three-way tie they promote; if he wins, he could be saved, because with 21 points if Sinfín loses or draws, the Galicians will surpass them with those two points. However, If Sinfín wins in Guadalajara, whatever they do, Cangas would play the promotion with the Trops de Málaga (whom they eliminated in the Copa del Rey). But if Cangas lose at home, and Guadalajara scores on their track, when Cangués loses the category (in a tie on points with the Alcarreños, they lose by average).

That will happen on Saturday, because on Sunday, the fans in front (many Cangas fans are also Celta fans) will live a tremendous day, in which it is possible that the tie, or even losing with Barça, will not penalize them; but you may also need victory. There is no talk of anything else.

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