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The doubts of Mireia Belmonte

The doubts of Mireia Belmonte

It has been more than two months since Mireia Belmonte, in the 4×100 styles relay, put an end to his Olympic participation in Tokyo. A period in which the Badalonese has chosen, at almost 31 years old, to disconnect from swimming and find the way forward until those Paris games with whom he dreams as he has publicly commented on more than one occasion. For the moment, all are doubts: “I don’t know what I’m going to do yet. At the moment I’m resting and training on my own so as not to lose my shape at all.”

Mireia, who attended the tribute to the UCAM medalists and diplomas in Madrid, first faced a technical question. He does not have a coach or club in which to continue with his training because he has not made a decision yet. Fred Vergnoux has left the Royal Spanish Swimming Federation and is now facing a project at the CN Metropole in Gran Canaria. “I have not had many offers either. I have to assess the Federation’s project in the CAR of Sant Cugat, that of Fred… And see what is best for me. “It is not a new situation for the Olympic champion. In 2012, after London, she also lived a moment of uncertainty until UCAM and RFEN found a solution. Mireia even did not rule out not competing until next season.

At her age, and with her extensive list of tests, the nature of swimming invites Mireia to specialize in a short test and reduce the volume of training. The Badalonese does not consider it the right moment. “Once I roll and the season starts I will decide. My tests are the most demanding, the fund, the butterfly, the styles … I have to see how my shoulders respond, which are the most delicate, “he told AS.

Mireia, who was fourth in the 400 styles in Tokyo and did not reach the finals in the 800 and 1,500 freestyle, is not worried about inactivity. “I recover well, it is not difficult for me to get up early or train. I live it with emotion and enthusiasm, always with that mentality. The body does not feel different despite the injuries, “explained the swimmer, whose future for now remains a mystery that, for now, lives without concern.

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