The doors of the Kaaba have thousands of years of bright history

Kaaba, the holiest place of Muslims, was the first house of God to be established on earth.

When Hazrat Ibrahim Khalilullah (peace be upon him) along with his son Hazrat Ismail Zabihullah built the Kaaba on the holy land of Makkah on the order of the Lord of the Worlds, it did not have a roof or a door at that time. According to the available history of 5 thousand years, the doors of the Kaaba have been changed 6 times so far. The door we see on the Kaaba today was installed during the reign of Shah Khalid bin Abdulaziz and was designed by a man named Ahmad bin Ibrahim Badr.

Chapter Kaaba is the world that circumambulates:

The doors of the Kaaba are the oldest doors of any building on earth. The old doors of the Kaaba are still preserved in the national cultural heritage of Saudi Arabia and are considered as a symbol of the glorious history, culture and civilization of Saudi Arabia.

Even today, the world circumambulates these ancient doors of the Kaaba. Recently, the Kaaba along with other historical and rare items was put on display at the Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi.

Let us go back thousands of years and take a look at the sacred history of the Chapters of the Kaaba.

The first gate of the Kaaba:

According to historians, the first door of the Kaaba was installed by a king named ‘Taba’. According to the biography of Ibn Hisham, this event is centuries before the birth of the Prophet ﷺ.

Al-Arzooqi has mentioned Ibn Jarir in Akhbar Makkah that he was the first king who purified the Kaaba and made its door and installed it in it. Prepared its key, covered it and also bequeathed it to his children Jarham.

The second door of the Kaaba:

According to historians, the Kaaba, built by King Taba, was made of wood, which remained throughout the period of Jahiliyyah. This door used to adorn the Ka’ba during the Prophet’s Prophet’s ﷺ and the early period of the Islamic era, after which it was changed in 64 AH during the reign of Hazrat Abdullah bin Zubair. He prepared an 11 cubit long chapter of the Kaaba which was installed in the Kaaba.

The third gate of the Kaaba:

Historical documents indicate that the third door in the House of God was installed by Hajjaj bin Yusuf, and during the reign of Abdullah bin Zubair, the 6-handed door was replaced by changing the Kaaba.

The fourth gate of the Kaaba:

Murad IV, the king of the Ottoman Caliphate, had the honor of installing the fourth door in the Kaaba. During his reign, in 1045 Hijri, the Kaaba was replaced, which remained installed for almost three centuries. The special thing about this door is that it has a silver fort and 200 ratals of gold. This was the first gate of the Kaaba to be fortified.

The door had two panels with historical architectural motifs and metal plates were also used in its manufacture. This gate on the eastern wall of the Kaaba welcomed pilgrims and pilgrims for more than 300 years.

The fifth door of the Kaaba:

After the rule of Al Saud was established in Saudi Arabia, King Abdulaziz Al Saud, the founder of the Saudi kingdom, built a new gate in 1363 AH and took personal interest in its construction. On the order of Shah Abdul Aziz, the new door for the Kaaba was prepared after 3 years of continuous work. Its base is made of steel, its two-paned wooden door is plated with gold and silver.

The sixth door of the Kaaba:

The door that we see installed on Baitullah today was prepared by Ahmed bin Ibrahim Badr after a year of continuous work on the order of Shah Khalid bin Abdul Aziz and it was decorated with the Kaaba in 1398 Hijri. 1 million 43 thousand 20 Rials were spent in its preparation along with 280 kg of gold.

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