The digital court system took Abu Dhabi by storm

Abu Dhabi: A new court service has been introduced to provide timely and expeditious provision of judicial services to the residents.

According to media reports, Artificial Intelligence-backed Interactive Registration (ICR) service has been launched in Abu Dhabi courts to facilitate the provision of judicial services to residents.

Yousef Saeed Al-Abri, Under-Secretary, Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADGA), informed the world about the launch of the first initiative of its kind and said that it aims to ensure that judicial users are fully aware of the applicable laws. Enable filing.

The court procedure service allows users to complete the process by interacting with the digital service, for which they play data to determine the type and competent court for the case and the case number and the first hearing of the case. Can get the date.

Al-Abri noted that the Judicial Department’s digital initiatives are an excellent example of improving the quality of service provided to judicial users and developing the judicial system in line with the digital transformation of the Abu Dhabi government.

The official explained that the Intercase Registration Service relies on artificial intelligence to accurately and promptly determine the type of cases, the competent court and the applicable fees. The system ensures a user-friendly accuracy and speed and handles case party details, digital payment and other procedures for completing registrations using connections with other official databases, including party details and legal. Notice confirmation etc.

Officials said modern digital initiatives and solutions offered by the Judicial Department are strengthening its global leadership, especially its new goal of a 100 per cent remote litigation scheme rollout under the 221-23 Strategic Plan. In addition, the project aims to ensure the happiness of the judicial user by engaging in modern judicial and legal services so as to provide a unique experience by taking advantage of technological advances and smart services powered by AAI.

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