The General Directorate of Internal Taxes (DGII) reported that in the past 2021 it reached a collection of RD $ 607,446.4 million, a figure reached after two reformulations of the General State Budget for that period.

It indicated through a statement that it was a collection in an unprecedented year in the tax administration in terms of efficiency and volume of collections.

The level of compliance registered during the past year was 125.4% in relation to the first budget presented of RD $ 485,000 million, and 101.0%, equivalent to RD $ 5,891.8 million above the RD $ 601,554.5 million estimated in the last reformulated Budget.


Compared to 2019, collections in 2021 implied RD $ 124,370.6 million more, equivalent to 25.7% above, since for that period RD $ 483,075.8 million were collected.

Likewise, in 2021 a successful tax amnesty process was registered through Law 46-20 on Equity Revaluation and Transparency by which RD $ 35,269.4 million were collected at the final closing of the process in December, the entity indicates.



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