The DGII collected more than RD$54,000 million in October







The General Directorate of Internal Taxes (DGII) collected RD$54,314.4 million last month, equivalent to RD$811 million more than the RD$53,504 million estimated in the reformulated General State Budget for October 2022.

It reports that taxpayer compliance was excellent, at 101.5%.

If the collection of October of this year is compared with that of 2021, the current period shows a growth of 3.8% with RD$2,013.3 million higher.

Meanwhile, the accumulated collection between January-October 2022 amounted to RD$548,346 million, which represents an 8.2% growth, with RD$41,525 million more compared to the same period in 2021.

The DGII collected 66.8% of the RD$81,298.2 million that entered the State through the collection offices during this month.

Collections maintain a significant positive variation in the income tax of companies and salaried individuals, as a result of the impact that the process of reactivating employment led by President Luis Abinader has had.





Contributions by types of taxes

In October 2022, the State received RD$12,058.7 million for ITBIS, while in 2021 it was RD$11,928.4 million for an increase of RD$130 million.

The collection of Corporate Income Tax and Tax on Assets and Personal Income Tax remained the ones with the greatest absolute variation compared to 2021, reflecting the dynamization of employment that the country has experienced.

If the Income Tax and Asset Tax are observed, it had a collection of RD$13,684.3 million in October 2022 with an absolute variation of RD$1,732 million compared to the previous year.

Likewise, the collection of the Personal Income Tax for October 2022 amounted to RD$6,381 million with a positive variation of RD$1,366 million.

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For the Fuel Selectives, in October 2022 the State received RD$7,005.5 million and RD$5,567.7 million in 2021, which means an increase of RD$1,437.8 million.

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