The DGII collected more than expected last month

The General Directorate of Internal Taxes (DGII) reported that the collection for the month of February 2023 amounted to RD$52,819.3 million for a 102.5% compliance with respect to the original estimate in the period.

For that month, a collection of RD$51,518.2 had been considered, for which reason RD$1,301.1 million entered the treasury higher than expected.

In relation to February 2022, when RD$45,288 million were collected, a growth of RD$7,531.3 million was registered.

So far this year, the DGII has collected RD$118,544.4 million, for a growth of 15.7 percent compared to the same period in 2022, when RD$102,474.3 million entered.

A press release indicates that Internal Revenue collections have remained positive for 30 consecutive months.

The contribution of the DGII to the State income in the month of February represents 72 percent among the collecting entities.

Of the taxes that grew the most during the month of February, is the Corporate Income Tax and Taxes on Assets, which increased by 36.3%, going from RD$6,953 million in 2022 to RD$9,475 million.

In second place is the Personal Income Tax, which grew by 26.3% when it went from RD$6,769.3 million to RD$8,550.3 million.

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