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The Devil of London: The Devil of London, who only worships the demons, is fond of going out on the streets at midnight, what is the reason?

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The Devil of London


  • Got his first tattoo done at the age of 18
  • Named himself ‘The Devil of London’
  • got a tattoo done over the eyes

‘The Devil of London’London: Today we are going to tell you about a person who works as a night supervisor on the streets of London. But seeing this man, everyone gets scared. The name of this person is Matia Murator. His look is such that people call him ‘The Devil of London’. Mattia has five-inch-long horns on his head and a scary Lucifer tattoo on his head. He has a horn on his nose. Matia has left no stone unturned to scare people with body piercing. However, he says that he is just an ordinary person. People probably think of us differently because of this look.

Satan’s fan is Mattia

In a special interview given to the Daily Star, Mattia has told that he has named himself ‘The Devil of London’. Mattia hails from Italy and currently lives in London. Matia, who works in the garage of the bus, has been trying to change her look since childhood. 27-year-old Mattia has always been a worshiper of Satan and her eye tattoo proves this. He has also got piercing done on the tongue. Tattoos have been made over the eyes. He has got a tattoo of Lucifer on his forehead which is considered quite controversial. Due to this tattoo, he came to be called a worshiper of Satan. Although he denied it every time. Matia said that this tattoo is spiritually friendly and everything is related to spirituality. From the photos shared by Matia, it becomes clear how he was looking in the normal look. He said, ‘I also looked like every normal Italian boy. But I am not the boy whom the people of the society love.

first tattoo in 18 years

He said that when he himself sees the old pictures, he is surprised that he looked like this. He says that he has nothing to do with his past life and that he is going to try something new soon. He wants to cover his whole body like this before he turns 30. There are so many tattoos on Matia’s body at the moment that it is very difficult to count. He got his first tattoo done at the age of 18.

This cult of America worships the devils

Scientology cult which is completely different from all religions. It was discovered by L. Ron Hubbard in 1995. It is said that the people who follow this cult are very successful in this. He has no fear for any job or work. It rises above most things. People who follow the cult of Scientology are associated with an instrument, the name of this instrument is E-meter, which measures the soul i.e. soul, mind and human emotions. After which he assesses the feelings of the person. Worshipers of Scientology believe in Satan. It is believed that they worship the devil.

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