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“The development of football is visible”

"Es visible el desarrollo del fútbol”

“I have no doubts that the development of Dominican soccer is visible. The progress we have had in the Dominican League of Futubol is visible to all ”.

Eng. Manuel Estrella expressed his enthusiasm and satisfaction speaking to President Luis Abinader, yesterday mid-afternoon in the Green Room, third floor of the National Palace.

“During the almost two years of the pandemic we have been able to successfully mount two championships, 2020 and 2021, and that has been possible thanks to the support we have received from you. We have come here to say: Thank you, Mr. President, ”said Estrella, who presides over the Dominican soccer league and his own Cibao FC team.

Cibao FC were champions in 2019, and now they revalidated the title in 2021 beating Atlético Vega Real in a spectacular final.

“Thanks to your support, we were able to improve the conditions of the Jarabacoa, La Vega and Moca stadiums. And we hope to do the same in Puerto Plata in the near future ”, stated Estrella, before the directors of the ten teams that participated in the event.

All the team’s players attended the reception at the National Palace. Cibao FC goalkeeper Miguel Lloyd handed Abinader a shirt with his name and number one on it. The President did not speak on the spot.

Estrella also highlighted that soccer has been growing as it receives attention and practice in clubs, schools, colleges and neighborhoods in all cities.

“It is very nice to see this growth, and we are confident that it will continue to grow exponentially,” he said.

He also said that from 2022 in Santiago it will be possible to mount international events. “We are finishing three hotels in the city, and that will allow us to host events with more than 300 players for next year.”

The event was attended by the administrator of the Reserve Bank, Samuel Pereyra, the Minister of Sports Francisco Camacho, the football commissioner Benny Metz, the president of the Dominican Football Federation Rubén García, among many personalities linked to this sport.

Also, the presidents or managers of the 10 teams that this year competed in the fair. That included Mr. Rubén Hernández, manager of the O&M team, champion of the past championship.


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