The devastating trauma of Fernando Alonso with serious Alpine problem

Ferdinand Alonso continues to show great conditions with Alpine F1 Team race to race, although there are aspects that still generate problems with the team. This has not left the pilot calm, who hopes to continue on the path of good feelings. At Netherlands Grand Prix had an outstanding performance.

He finished in sixth position in the race where Max verstappen ended up being the big winner. There, the Spanish, twice champion of the Formula 1 He was one of the most important drivers, showing great form. In addition, with the units he added, he has climbed to the tenth position of the 2021 championship.

Despite the fact that everything is going well between what is budgeted by the French squad, there are some issues that do not stop causing concern. And it is that a problem that afflicts Alpine since the beginning of the season, has to do with the leaks. These would have the team on the verge of sanction, so difficult times are expected.

Recall that the French have introduced a series of updates, which so far have no effect. There was a lot of confidence that they would not have to use the maximum amount per year of allotted exhausts, but this began to become a major problem for Alpine, which seems to have no reverse.

The two cars of the team are on the verge of sanction, especially that of Esteban Ocon. The French rider arrived in Zandvoort as the grand winner of the Hungarian Grand Prix, but with his eighth and last set of exhausts already mounted. Meanwhile, Fernando Alonso took to the track with the seventh of them.

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In this way, there are big questions about it, not only if they are going to sanction the pilots, but how many times they will do it. This is due to the fact that the vast majority of exhausts have already been used and the 2021 Formula 1 season has barely been exceeded halfway through. There is no high hope for Alpine with this problem.

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