The ‘detective whale’ is now on the coast of Sweden

The ‘detective whale’ has now been spotted off the coast of Sweden. The whale was first spotted off the coast of Norway in 2019. At that time, members of the country’s fisheries department removed a human belt from the whale’s body. It had a camera installed.

On that plastic belt was written, ‘Sanrajam St. Petersburg’. According to the officials of the department, it is an intelligence whale. It may have been trained by the Russian Navy. News – AFP

An organization that monitors whale movements said on Monday that it was spotted off the coast of Hunebostrand in southwestern Sweden on Sunday.

The whale took more than three years to slowly descend from the upper half of Norway’s coastline. In recent months, it has passed the lower part of the coast with sudden rapidity before moving to the coast of Sweden.

Sebastian Strand, a marine biologist at the Onewhale Institute, said hormones are driving the whale to find a mate, so it may be moving so fast. The age of the whale is 13-14 years. Such hormones are more at this age.

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