The desert in its purest form

Not too long ago, everything that has now become a giant bivouac with all kinds of services and luxuries, within what is possible, it was part of a nothing that will start the most extreme Dakar in recent times. The 45th edition promised to raise the level from the first moment in which it began to be talked about and both ASO Like the FIA, they have taken the necessary steps so that the promise does not fall into oblivion. The exact hardness of what will be the mythical rally It will begin to be known on December 31, when the race starts yanbu (a known destination in the 2021 edition) with the prologue that will decide the starting positions, but it will not be until the finish line in Dammam on January 15 (with 16 days of racing that mark the longest edition since 2014), when conclusions can be drawn.

All of them will be important with a view to the future, but what he really expects from now on are all those aspects that involve a career in which, like any other, the most important thing will be to know who wins and who loses. There are usually favorites, as usual, and among them are the names of those who have dominated the desert in recent years. But there are those who prefer to take down the sign as Carlos Sainzhis Audithe one of peterhansel and the one of ekstrom They are considered one of the great threats and alternatives to the current champion: Al Attiyah. The Qatari arrives as a reference after conquering a controversial edition where his name was so mentioned as the waypoint that left the event without emotion at the first exchange, although for Toyota, after beating a BRX which continues to penalize reliability, it was a victory as valid as any other in the history of the Dakar.

Despite the fact that this time it will be time to write the 45th page of that story and the figure is not part of those special issues, the edition will be, despite the fact that it continues to maintain all those unforeseen events that always end up being saved in one way or another for experience one of the best races of the year. For the second consecutive season, the event will open the World Rally Championship, which began just one year ago. It will do it differently with a never-before-seen start that brings all the participants together on the shores of the Red Sea and once they pass all the pertinent verifications, they will have to start thinking about competing for a Touareg that can only be accessed by those who, previously, They have shown that they have what it takes to face the desert alone.

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Literally all the motorcycles that have obtained the approval of an organization will do so, which has left out more than 60 mounts for security reasons. The list will be headed by sunderlands because of his status as champion, but in the category everyone agrees with the presence of 10 real aspirants to a victory to which he also aspires Joan Barreda. The man from Castellón was the great unknown in the category until his presence was confirmed at the last minute, but at least he will try for another year to win a crown that can be decided in a Empty Quarter that, on his return, It is considered as the decisive moment of the race.


The dunes return in their purest state but also, They do it during the most complicated day of the entire tour. The entrance to the most unknown and virgin territory of all coincides with a marathon stage where you avoid problems that are too relevant It will be one of the keys that tip the balance in favor of one and the other, after having previously known how to manage a route that will look for the total pilot. There will be more kilometers than ever in stages that reduce the link, but increase the demand in search of the best balance between speed and reliability. In total, each day will register an average of 425 kilometers, with the eighth day also in the spotlight, as it is another of the most decisive points thanks to its 473 timed kilometers.

The pilots will reach the limit on the rest day after a first week where speed will be the main protagonist, until navigation claims its space. This year the objective is not to turn the race “into a lottery” as its director recognized david casteraAnd because of that The navigation demand will gradually increase as the stages are completed. But it is not worth staying with that memory once the second part begins. Everything will change completely with a route that will lower the speed and consequently the mileage, causing a trend change in which any type of strategy will be accepted. Of course, being aware that any slight error can end in a breath with the work of a whole year that starts again from scratch with everyone welcoming luck and few, meeting it.

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