The Denver Nuggets, NBA champions after beating the Miami Heat

the denver nuggets They did not hesitate this Monday night and settled their series against the Miami Heat to establish themselves NBA champions for the first time in its 47-year historybecoming the franchise that “took the longest” between its foundation and its first star in the famous American basketball league, after the Cleveland Cavaliers (46 years).

The Serbian magician Nikola Jokic was once again the figure of his team, with a list of 28 points, 16 rebounds, 4 assists and countless appearances in the game’s biggest moments. He was followed by Michael Porter with 16 points and 13 rebounds, Canadian Jamal Murray with 14 points, 8 rebounds and 8 assists, and the willful Kevin Caldwell-Pope with 11 points and Bruce Brown with 10.

Anyway, the story began somewhat complicated for Denver at home, with a Heat that went for everything, taking the first quarter by 24-22 that fell short given the erratic work of the locals, who suffered the early accumulation of fouls by Jokic and defensive specialist Aaron Gordon.

For his part, Miami enjoyed the super aggressive attitude of center Bam Adebayo, who is characterized above all by his defensive skills, and stood out with 14 points in the first quarter. He was well seconded by point guard Kyle Lowry, who had a very positive income for his team when he came off the bench.

Fouls were a problem for Denver until the second quarter, when backup intern Jeff Green also got into trouble and forced DT Michael Malone to give veteran center DeAndre Jordan minuteswho had been buried at the bottom of the bench so far in the Finals.

Miami did not slow down and took advantage of Denver’s potholes to close the second quarter 27-22 and going to rest with a 7-point advantage that allowed him to dream of extending the series and reach a sixth game in sunny Florida.

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But in the third quarter it was all from Denverwho until then had been resisting with the contributions of forward Michael Porter Jr., a habitual bad decision maker but effective in the first half. It was then the time for the great Jokic to take the reins of the game while the rival figure, Jimmy Butler, was somewhat timorous. when taking pitches, as in all the Finals.

Denver trailed by one point in the fourth quarter and when it seemed that he was about to take advantage thanks to the joint play of Jokic and Murray, on the Miami side Butler woke up with two consecutive triples and several trips to the free throw line. The Heat star had 13 straight points to keep his team alive.

The final minutes of the match were hit by hit: Denver took the lead by one thanks to an offensive rebound from backup Bruce Brown and miss goes, miss comes, the ball was left to Butler with 35 seconds remaining. But the Miami star clouded over when he ran into the defense of Murray and Jokic and gave away the ball. when he wanted to get rid of it. Caldwell-Pope took it, received the infraction and put in the free to move his team to three points. Next possession, Butler tries for three and also misses. Two more free kicks from Brown for a 94-89 win over Denver. The last shot of the game was taken by Lowry, a missed three-pointer, and still with ten seconds left Miami threw in the towel to unleash the celebration of all of Denver.

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